Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Miscellaneous February

Here are some random pictures from throughout February. Slowly getting caught up with these blogs. Only a month behind now :-P 

On Saturday me and Mary went to the Women's Fair that was taking place at Century II the Convention Center here. I stopped at the Wesley Medical booth to chat with the nurses about Child Life. We got our photo taken in their photo booth. 

Ironic that I got a new job, then got laid out only a month later. Well just shy of a full month. Hopefully once all this is over the hire back process will be quick and smooth. 

Fun with Food: 

Mary made a fruit face one morning: 

Pigs in a blanket: 

A photo the teacher shared of Emma at school. 

Me getting my bike miles and time in on my trainer with the training app Zwift: 

Home haircut: 

Brotherly Love leaving church. Oh we found a church we love. Went about a month before this whole shut down :-( Ready to get back. The kids really liked the kids life service as well. 

Thomas reading and potty-ing

Good 'ol Harpo enjoying the yard. 

Mary saved her allowance to get this watch. It broke within a week but I replaced the plastic broken band with an elastic one and it's holding up nicely now. 

Kids being goofs with daddy:

Nom Nom Nom: 

Emma's hair do

I started a Barre Program January 13th. Finished it first of March. I LOVED it! Increased my flexibility, toned my abs and tightened my tush! <3 p="">

Silly Thomas:

Movie night: 

Isaac loves playing with his marbles

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