Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pump It Up

Today was the start of MEA break (public school break Wed-Fri this week). The girls preschool was having a fundraiser at pump it up. We hadn't been before but it was fun and a great way to burn some energy at the start of a long weekend. It was a huge placed filled with bouncy house type activities. There were two big rooms and about six huge inflatables. 

The kids had a lot of fun, it was 1.5 hours of play time followed by pizza. We got there about 10:15 and by 10:45 they were all sweaty and begging for food. HAHA. Isaac had steam to keep going but the girls were definitely ready for pizza and a break. 



The above pictures look kinda smokey or foggy because my camera lens on my phone was all smudgy, lol. I didn't realize this until it was pretty much over. Was just thinking "wow it looks hazy in here on my photos". Doh!

Church Vacation

Last weekend we attended our church's third annual church vacation. This was our first time attending. It was about 2.5 hours north at a place called Covenant Pines Bible Camp

It was such a gorgeous fall weekend and it felt so good to be out of the cities. I got us all packed up, all six pillows and all! lol

And we made the drive up Friday evening. It felt like it was taking forever because we were having to stop so much. Kids having to pee, one of the kids having diarrhea :-( and then we needed gas and to eat dinner. We FINALLY made it a little after 8pm. It was dark but we managed to figure out where we needed to go and got all checked in. Our room was a room in the retreat center with a half bath, three bunk beds, and a queen bed. The kids were SOO excited to be sleeping in bunk beds and in their sleeping bags. I think it was the first time the girls got to sleep in sleeping bags. I had bought them bags a while ago with the intent on camping like we used to love to do, but we haven't gone camping since having the twins :-( we would have gone this summer if I wasn't pregnant/birthing a newborn/caring for a newborn. So next year we will DEFINITELY get back into camping and some mild backpacking. We miss it. Part of our motivation for going on this weekend trip was a semi-camping trip where we didn't have to worry about food or sleeping out in the cold.

Saturday we woke up, early like normal time. Got around and headed to breakfast. It was a chilly morning at a whopping 27 degrees. There was already a fire going in the fireside lounge, which was attached to where we were staying.

The kids even got some time at some games before breakfast.

And I got to try out my new babywearing jacket. It has a little zippered opening in the front (and back) with hood attached for baby, so I can just pop his head out through the opening. He loved it :-)

This was the typical scene in the mess hall while waiting in line for food. ALL the kids running around having fun.

After breakfast we took a walk down to the water and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors!

Then there was a massive game of bonkers. It was a tag type game with stations where you'd need to complete a task, get a sticker, then rush off to another station without getting tagged by someone with a flour sock. Kyle, me, and the girls were playing on one score card and Isaac had his own score card. It was fun.

Then we found the playground, with zip line and swings.



Mr. man did so well the whole weekend. I mainly wore him so he got plenty of zzzz's. When he wasn't sleeping I tried laying him down and letting him stretch and he was always so happy.

Games in the fireside lounge again.

After lunch Mary was asking to rest, so I took her back to our room while Kyle took Isaac & Emma to check out some of the outdoor activities. Most of them were a little too big for our gang, but Isaac did check out the big swing, which he said was "scary".

Before dinner we spent some more time in the fireside lounge. This was the many hangout so it was nice being in the retreat center since it was attached. Most of the families with small kids were in this lodging. There were many other options, which maybe we'll explore in future years, but being close to the crowd was good for us this year.

Heading to dinner, here's the dining hall with the fall colors.

After dinner we hung around the dining hall waiting for worship to start. Here we are during worship:

Worship and Eucharist was followed by s'mores back at the fireside lounge, which Kyle and Isaac partook in. I took the girls back to the room for bed. Since Emma didn't nap she was delirious.

Sunday was send off day, but we did have breakfast there. And stuck around for some more games while we packed up and got on the road about 11am.

I took these pictures a few seconds apart but the top was through my sunglasses. I thought it was crazy how fall my glasses made it look.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Thomas is 3 months

He is growing so fast!
thomas 3 months-6
And this is his signature face :-D He loves to make the look of "what is going on here people!?!" or "what have you birthed me into?" LOL

thomas 3 months-5

Just in the past weeks he has been such a chill little guy. Thursday and Friday I was able to set him in his rock'n'play in the kitchen and although he was tired and getting kind of fussy, he ended up being content watching me cook or do the dishes. He's in somewhat of a routine of being awake for 1-1.5 hours, sometimes 2 hours at a time. Then sleeps well either in his swing or while he's being worn. He is used to the hustle and bustle of being on the go. Taking sisters to preschool, walking to the bus stop, or going to soccer games. He does really good in the car now and no longer hates his car seat. He likes to look at his animal friends on his play mat or above his head in the swing. He still loves being worn and close to mama, probably always will.

thomas 3 months-7

thomas 3 months-11

He has a little cold right now so he's congested at night, but besides the stuffy nose at night he's a really good sleeper. Unfortunate that it correlates on my work weekend so this mama isn't getting much rest. This is the second or third cold, poor guy. The girls had colds earlier on too, but Isaac was already 6 months before his first cold.

thomas 3 months floor-3

thomas 3 months floor-4

thomas 3 months floor-5

He's growing so fast and out of a lot of his earlier clothes already. So crazy how little time some of those baby things get used. He's wearing 3-6 month clothes and some 6-9 month clothes. Still in size 2 diapers. Newborn and 1 flew by it seems. We did wear some cloth diapers this past week and probably will when we're home. It's just easier to throw him in disposables when we are out and about, but I know the cloth is better on his bum and better for the environment, so I'll do my best.

He loves his siblings and give them big smiles these days. Still a little suspect of his smothering sisters, but Emma does a really good job of comforting him and keeping him happy. Mary really wants to but most often can't contain her love and ends up right in his face to the point he gets fussy. We're still working on that :-/

thomas 3 months floor-10

thomas 3 months floor-19

thomas 3 months floor-20

Saturday, October 7, 2017

TCM Family Picnic & Magic Show

We had a fun day attending my midwife's family picnic event. My homebirth midwife, Kate (Twin Cities Midwifery) has various events throughout the year for her families. And this is one of the fun annual traditions we got to partake in this year.

The weather was kinda crummy so we didn't play on the nearby playground, but the kids still had a great time watching the magic show. Kate's husband is a magician.

The kids were laughing and enjoying the show.

When Mary saw that Kate had sat down near the front she got up to go sit with her. It was so cute when Mary first saw Kate she whispered to me with a big grin "There's midwife Kate" :-)

Mary got to be an assistant during the pizza act

Then a little later Isaac got to be a volunteer and pick a card from the giant deck

The kids had waited in line before the show for a balloon animal, but the line was long and the show needed to get started so they waited patiently and got their balloon art after the show. Here's Mary in her crown:

And Isaac watching his turtle get made:

It's my first weekend back to work so we came home and got the girls down from nap. I snapped some photos of Thomas because today he is 3 months! I'll post an official blog with his other photos later but I got these cute ones on my phone.

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