Monday, February 23, 2015

Isaac's Photography

Isaac has been having fun taking pictures with one of our old cell phones. He is getting better and I figured out how to insert a microSD card into the phone to get the pictures off of it. So here are some good ones below with the last few being from today. I'll try to give captions. (sorry for the poor quality... what do you expect from a 2008 cell phone, haha and a 3 year old camera shake. It took him a while to finally listen to me, asking him to continue to hold it still even after he pressed the button and not to move until the sound had gone off. There is a little bit of delay in the phone's camera)

His play-mobile set: 

His animals lined up under his bed:


I took this of him:

This is Christine, she is our new nanny that comes every few weeks:

He likes taking pictures of toys:

He took this of me when we were loading up to head out the door one morning:

Emma in her carseat, up close and personal:

These last few were from today, Miss Emma:

A water main or something burst as our road was closed and filled with water/ice/snow (since it was single digits it wasn't liquid form for long). I was taking pictures and sending them to Kyle, he must have gone back with his phone to get some more photos. They ended up shutting our water off from about 9am to 1pm. Not exactly sure what was up but our whole block was this way. Other than the water shut off we weren't effected.

Surprised he got this of Harpo, the phone is rather slow so it's impressive Harpo stood still for him long enough. 

This was Kyle giving the babies a bath and posing for Isaac's camera.

Pretty fun seeing him grow into his own personality and play around independently. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Minnesota Zoo

Today we went to the Minnesota Zoo all together because Kyle had off work for President's Day. Kyle and I went at one point when we had first moved up here but that was years ago. We have been avoiding it because it's so expensive. We met up with a friend and after doing the math ahead of time just decided to buy a membership. Even though the girls are free (which once they are three it will be a huge savings to buy the membership) it will still pay for itself with basically one more visit. They had a lot to do indoors and it was just enough for a day trip. Isaac was so good the entire time but we could tell when he was getting tired and his ears weren't working as well, heehee. 

First we stopped in the 'ocean' building. It was pretty small and dinky but enough to amaze Isaac. He saw sharks, fish, turtles, rays, starfish, etc. They had two 'touching' pools (which we discouraged touching seeing how we are all getting over colds) with sharks, rays, and fish. This one below was a tide pool with lots of fun coral and sea urchins. 

The snow monkey's were outside enjoying the fresh falling snow. They were pretty cute and fuzzy with red faces.

This one was all hunkered over staying warm.

Here we were on the Tropics Trail. Mary really enjoyed being out of the stroller and had just seen a waterfall prior to this photo. We saw lots of birds, tapir, lemurs, wart hogs, komono dragons, more turtles, an otter, monkeys, flamingos, gibbons, cock roaches, a big snake (124 lbs), another water tank with sharks and fish, and lots of other animals we can't remember.

Emma was content in her stroller and liked watching all the people (it was rather crowded being a school holiday).

Isaac was pretty interested in this stage and was asking what it was for. I told him it was for getting your picture taken so he was pretty excited to get up on it while I took his photo. Sweet boy!

We met up with our friend and walked the Minnesota Trail, part of it was outside but we got to see coyotes, wolves, bears (brown & black), sleeping wolverines, an otter, and lynx. Mary was pretty upset at this point and Isaac was transforming into a walking zombie but still going. Once we got back inside we changed and fed the girls, Mary was instantly asleep.

Emma visiting with our friends.

We had a good morning and are excited to make our way back. It was nice not feeling like we had to squeeze everything in and know that we can return whenever we want. Just a short 30 minute drive away.

We stopped at Chipotle on the way home, the girls were snoozing and Isaac finished his breakfast in the van so refused to eat his burrito he ordered. The girls had no problem finishing off his burrito for dinner at home.

They had burrito beards

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

9 months

It seems like most of January the kids were battling colds. Lots of snot and sleepless nights. So it's been nice this past week to not have to wipe snot streams and have boogers all over my pant legs. However yesterday today have been a different story and it seems a new cold is coming on, thus is life in winter with little kids.



The girls are growing and moving around faster. Mary is rather quick now, making her way from room to room in the blink of an eye. Emma likes to get into everything! We are finding (at no surprise) that Mary's demeanor is much like Isaac's, very calm, easy going, and a rule follower. We redirected her a few times from Harpo's water/food bowl and now she just crawls right past it (most times). Emma on the other hand ate dog food everyday for a good week. Although she did listen yesterday! I was able to call her name and she stalled long enough for me to make it to her before she ate the pellets. But most times she gets into everything and doesn't care what we have to say about it. Just the other day it was the cutest moment, Mary stands up along side the TV stand where there were a couple DVDs in plastic sleeves sitting there, staring at me the entire time, not taking her eyes off me she reached over and pulled the DVD into her mouth. With a look like "can I? I'm going to. Are you going to say anything?" Where as if Emma was in the same situation, she wouldn't have even batted an eye or looked for my approval she would have just put it straight in her mouth and started gnawing. It was sweet.


They are both cruising along furniture so it won't be long before they are walking, AHH! This is Emma's preferred mode of transportation and she loves to pull up on my pant leg thus making it so I can't walk anywhere without unlatching her and setting her down.

Emma now has three teeth, the two obvious bottom ones she likes to show off with her bulldog smile and one top left tooth. Her bottom side teeth should be making their way shortly she has appeared to be bothered by them lately. Mary still no teeth.

floor play-2

floor play-4

floor play-7

floor play-10

floor play-9

Overall they are happy, beautiful girls.

Isaac started swimming lessons a few weeks ago and he loves it! He has made great progress in just the few short weeks of attendance. He checked out a book from the library this week about counting by two's and quickly picked that up. He loves playing in his sensory table downstairs and singing. We attend music class once a week (yes all four of us) and he loves listening to his music CD in the car. He can spell his name and recite some of his favorite books from memory.

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