Monday, July 28, 2014

Interstate State Park Day Trip Hike


Saturday we ventured out for our first outdoorsy trip in quite a while. Well since last year. It was such a moral booster to be out in the great outdoors. We used to camp and hike quite a lot, but not as much anymore obviously with little ones. We have camped a good amount with Isaac and plan to with the girls eventually... maybe just not this summer.

Anyway, so it felt great to go on a somewhat short hike. I think it was probably only 2 miles or less round trip. And since we were wearing the babies it was quite warm. It was about a 90 degree day, but a gorgeous low humidity day. Isaac was concerned about his sandwich the entire time. We had a picnic after the hike.

First we took a look at the geological attraction, glacial potholes. They were in the sun, so it was really hot. We didn't spend too much time here before heading on the River Trail for our hike.



Had to get some selfies as proof of our adventures. I'm pretty proud of ourselves for getting out. And even though the girls are 11 weeks old it was completely do-able and enjoyable!



Amazing views from up on the cliff. Looking over the St. Croix River into Wisconsin.

Then we had our PB&J picnic near the car after our hike.

Oh and here we are loading up that morning

Thursday, July 17, 2014

2 months!

The girls turned two months last week, but I wanted to wait to add their weight stats from our pediatrician's visit today.
2 months old-15

2 months old-28
Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz
Height: 24 inches
Loves to eat! and often :-)
Seems to be a light sleeper and likes taking naps in her crib, otherwise she is too interested in what's going on around her.
Likes to be held upright
Loves laying under the playmat
Happy, happy baby!
Her eyes are darker and possibly turning brown!
2 months old-9

2 months old-29
Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz
Height: 23 inches
Still a great sleeper! Record of 8 hours one night and a lot of 4-6 hour stretches. But some nights still just a couple of hours at a time :-)
Likes her pacifier
Likes to coo and grunt when she poos
Happy, happy baby!
Thinking she'll have blue eyes
2 months old-1

2 months old-12

And Isaac needed to be involved as well :-)
2 months old-18

2 months old-19

2 months old-25

2 months old-24

Fuzzy, but I love that he's holding their hands <3 p="">2 months old-23

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Twin Birth Story additions

Whew my story was long. After I finally read it again I realized I wanted to add where we came up with the names. Full birth story here.

Mary and Emma were born full term on their 40 week due date. Mary is named after her Great, Great Grandma Mary Clara Stanek and her Great Grandmother Mary Jane Post. Her middle name starts with a B because she is Baby B, Brice means swift, quick moving and was chosen because she was so active in my belly and she lived up to it with a fast delivery. Emma is named after her Great Aunt Emma, who was a fraternal twin born to Mary Clara. Her middle name starts with an A because she is Baby A, Annabelle means gracious, merciful, and beautiful. To our surprise when we went into the hospital for delivery we discovered Mary had scooted her way down and was now first to exit, moving Emma aside. And changing their birth order, however we left there names as is since that is what they were referred to for 28 weeks.

If you noticed their time of birth, yes they were born 5 hours apart and no this is not 'normal'. Average time between vaginal delivery of twins is 17 min. Emma was quite cozy in my uterus. Mary had a quick 2.5 hour labor with two pushes, born in the operating room per twin birth protocol. Emma's labor was 5 hours; we were moved back to the labor and delivery room after 2 hrs of laboring in the OR because it was taking a while and she was born to a different midwife and whole new medical team as it had been shift change. The only three people to see both births was myself, Kyle, & my doula, Jess. These girls wanted their own birth stories and have been unique since day one. They show us their individual personalities every day. They are beautiful and wonderful!

Cousin's visit July 5-8th

Isaac's cousin's came to visit for a weekend to see us and the babies. It was their first visit and Isaac was super excited to get to play with them. They arrived Saturday and we hung around the house, cooked dinner, then walked to a nearby park with a dog park. My oldest niece was so excited to get to hold the babies! Isaac got a little jealous at first and wanted to hold one as well.

D1 saturday-4

D1 saturday-7


Sunday we gave them a driving tour of downtown then had lunch near the river. After lunch we went for a walk across the stone arch bridge.

Then we headed to their hotel for a swim in the hotel's pool.











Monday we played around the house in the morning and then went for an Ikea trip in the afternoon. That evening it stormed really hard.

D3 Monday-1 D3 Monday-2

D3 Monday-5

D3 Monday-8



They stopped back by Tuesday on their way out of town. We attempted a cousin photo, my nephew did not want to get in the group photo so it's just the five of them. Mary is a little upset, Isaac attempted to comfort her.

D4 Tuesday-2

D4 Tuesday-3

D4 Tuesday-5

You say To-May-To, I say To-Mah-To

July 2nd, 2014
I had some fun making onesies before the babies arrived. Realized these are getting a little small, oops I forgot about them as I made the other's bigger. And they are just growing SO FAST!

tomayto tomahta shirts-1

tomayto tomahta shirts-2

tomayto tomahta shirts-4

tomayto tomahta shirts-6

tomayto tomahta shirts-7
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