Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Maple Grove Triathlon 2023

Back at it. I did three triathlons right in a row back in 2019 - this was one of them. And while I did an indoor tri later that same year, and a splash and dash (swim and run) in Kansas on September 11, 2021 I haven't done a full on one since. I decided to sign up and train for a spring triathlon (all my others had been super sprints so a tiny bit shorter). Training was going well, until my dad died and then my training plan took a nose dive. But I still got some movement in here and there, it just happened the week he'd died was the hardest training week and I had missed all that. But knowing I wasn't as prepared as I had hoped, I still gave it a go and had a good time. 

I went on Friday evening to pick up my packet, leave my bike in the secure transition zone and set my alarm for early the next day. 


Saturday morning all set up in transition. I have my dad's towel :-) and this year since the swim is longer than I'd done before I got a wetsuit to wear to help with buoyancy. 


Gorgeous morning. 

Almost go time! 

Kyle got some pictures of me: 


I survived! 

Aftermath, lol.

It exhausted me but didn't kill me. Still felt amazing afterwards and ready to heal (hip issues I started seeing a physical therapist for) and train more for next summer. I have already signed up for a 3 series next summer. Two in June and one in August! Here we go. And I joined the master swimmers to get more swim time in. 

State Fair 2023

The end of summer snuck up on us and fitting in a time to hit the state fair was becoming slim. Isaac was to start school the 28th and Kyle was leaving for Europe the Saturday before... so we went day 2 of the fair, which was Friday, August 25th. We're not a fan of going on the weekends and even the week days are starting to get too crowded. But it's a tradition we wanted to fit in this year. 

Many attempts at a family photo....

"Thanks, but could you try again with the State Fair sign visible in the background" 

First stop, cookies for breakfast, then some mini-donuts: 

Can't pass up the giant slide, kids all did it themselves this year. 

Mary was the only one that wanted to try the corn on the cob, it was delish!

Eco building is one of my favorites. 

More food: Pronto pup, beer flight, cotton candy & cheese curds. 

We didn't make it an all day thing because I had a triathlon packet pick up meeting to make across town by 4:00. I will say hitting the state fair the day before a triathlon is not the wisest decision, haha! Lesson learned. 

August 22nd: Playing on the Viking's Turf

 On Tuesday, August 22nd Isaac's tackle football team got to have a practice scrimmage at US Bank stadium. It was pretty exciting. Family had to purchase tickets ::eye roll:: but while expensive it was still cheaper than taking all the kids to a REAL vikings game, so we got tickets for everyone and watched Isaac play. He was pretty excited to be down on the field. 

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