Monday, July 30, 2012

Tour de Fat on Saturday

We rode out bikes downtown to Loring Park. I finally got to see the dandelion fountain! Tour de Fat is a little bike festival put on by New Belgium Brew Co (they make the beer: Fat Tire)

It was a gorgeous day and fun to do something even though I had to go into work later that day. Of course Isaac fell asleep on the way there.

Luckily we got there about 10am, and most of the people were away on the bike parade so we had a chance to wonder the festival without a crowd. 

Above: this was cool it's a sewing machine that runs on solar power (and he has a bike plug in incase it's cloudy). He mades 'sew art'. His webpage is

And we watched the silly guys perform on stage. 

Here was the big kaleidoscopic, on the end were bike wheels with colorful stuff on it.

People came back from the parade and they were all dressed up funny. Then you can see one of the little gadgets, it was a bike wheel with these whistle things on top so when you spun the wheel it'd make noise.
Definitely weren't this many bikes when we parked ours!!!

Haha I didn't realize I captured the same guy riding two different bikes. But they had a little arena of funky bikes. It was fun standing there watching them try and ride these odd bikes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finished Bathroom

Well here is the final outcome, before and after (minus the trim we still have left to do)
Before and after

To fill in where I left off. I got the light installed. Then we were waiting to figure out about the flooring. We decided to hire out the tile because with Kyle in class and me working every third weekend and then our trip to Missouri and ultimately guest coming (that was our goal - we HAD to have the bathroom in workable condition before they came) we were just too busy to try and do it ourselves so we had a professional do it. It was taking forever to get them scheduled. But I knew I was going to have to get the floor ready so I got that done before we went to Missouri.


While in Missouri we got the call and scheduled the tile install for Thursday and Friday. We were driving home through the night on Tuesday so that meant Wednesday we needed to get the toilet out of there, make sure the floor was good and ready, and I wanted to get behind the toilet painted before the tile was put in. When we got the toilet out we noticed the flange was all rusted and pretty much un-usable as we couldn't even locate where the bolts were going to go.
rusted flange

So we spent our fourth of July at home depot getting what we needed. (and I continued to return to the store almost every day for a week returning items and getting odds and ends we needed).
Fourth HD

We installed a new flange:
new flange

And I painted and got the floor ready:
ready for tile

So they came to tile Thursday and then grouted on Friday.
tile install

This left the weekend for us to haul butt and try and get it all installed... only problem was I worked all weekend so we had between the hours of wake - about 2:00 to get as much done as we could.  Saturday we got the vanity installed and the sink put in as well.
new vanity bottom

And Sunday we got the toilet installed:
install toilet


We also got the mirror hung before I left for work on Sunday. All was good for our visitors!!! The only big thing we had left was another cabinet but we didn't end up getting that hung until Friday evening.

Here's a picture of the cubby shelf we installed a while ago as it was something we could mark off the list before the flooring was installed.
left side bathroom

Hip Hip Hooray!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Isaac 6 months

I'm a little late with getting these photos posted. I took them almost a month ago, when he was about 6.5 months old. He's growing so fast! I can't believe how mobile he's gotten, he's really wanting to walk and we are in no rush for him to get there. He follows us all over the house now, it's kinda cute.  And I love that he crawls up to me and pulls up on my legs, it's so cute. :-) <3 Some other changes are that he makes us work for smiles now. We used to just look at him and he would instantly get a grin on his face, now especially with strangers, he gives them his thinking face first and then eventually crack a smile. But he is definitely living up to his name, which means "laughter" he loves laughing and squealing and of course smiling! He's so happy!

isaac 6 months-7

isaac 6 months BW-2

isaac 6 months BW-4

isaac 6 months-5

isaac 6 months BW-9

isaac 6 months-12

I love his facial expression in this one:
isaac 6 months BW-11

isaac 6 months BW-9

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