Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Missouri Trip

I'm not sure why we continue to keep visiting Missouri in such blasted heat, but that is just how the timing seems to line up. We made a trip down to attend a small family reunion and got a visit in with almost all members of both sides. We didn't travel all the way south to Springfield this time, instead stopping and staying and one grandma's and other members came there to visit us. Worked out well for the kids to not have to be in the car any longer and we were grateful to have a touchdown spot to make that happen.

Wednesday road trip day. Playing at a rest stop:

iPad time in the van:

Dinner at Chipotle in KC:

Thursday morning squirt gun fun:

Pool time in grandma's backyard!!

Visit from Grandpa Les:

Movie time!!! The kids' first movie experience: Finding Dory

Previews were a little loud for Isaac and Emma.

Mary loved the popcorn. 

More pool time after the movie.

Friday cuteness, these kids consumed their weight worth of grandma's homemade trail mix.


Uncle Robert stopped in for a visit and we cooked off with some homemade festive popcicles.

Grandma Judy also stopped in for a visit.

More bubble time in the backyard:
gma bubbles-4

gma bubbles-5

gma bubbles-7

gma bubbles-11

gma bubbles-12

gma bubbles-16

More pool time, with a strip down and evening skinny dip.

Isaac got to stay up late and catch fireflies.

Waiting for dusk to catch lightening bugs:

Letting them go, we caught six. (Bright flash)

Saturday was the reunion, wasn't quite as hot but still warm and humid. It was nice in the shade and there was a great breeze in the yard. The kids took a bit to warm up, Mary was friendly right away.

They did better after their bellies were full.

And even better when the cake was brought out.

Emma was first in line, eyeing every slice.

A little fun in the corn before we left.

Sunday morning we made a trip out to great grandpa's for a visit.

The kids loved sitting in the tractors. Emma was asleep the whole time. Sleep was sparse this entire trip so we let her get her beauty rest.

Isaac was being a pill when we tried to get him to visit with and stand by great grandpa...

Mary loved the cat and was trying to hand feed her.

Sunday afternoon the cousins came up. We were hoping for some outdoor play but it was raining so we got stuck indoors. But they all jumped in right away playing together. So fun to see!

Tickle fest!

Harpo remembered them of course and was soaking up all the love he could get.

Dinner time and official cousin photo of the visit.

Mary and Alyson played together

While Emma and Aliyah were buddies.

Isaac and Brayden played together well, wrestling and being boys. 

We did make it outside for bubbles during a light drizzle.

Then back inside as we got the girls ready for bed.

Harpo and Aliyah are the same age. He was soaking up some cousin time as well.

The cousins left and Isaac and I played a few more rounds of the shell game before bed.

Monday was time to get on the road again. Early wake up on routine per the girls. Got our workout in then loaded up. Mary being cute:

They were all asleep within the first hour.

We stopped in KC to see a dear friend who drove to meet us from Topeka. Haven't seen them since our wedding 7 years ago!! The kids had fun running around the playground, just what they needed before a long car ride.

Pit stop in Iowa, north of Des Moines. Almost home.

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