Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Playing in the Snow

Sunday as we got back from church, Isaac walked down our front side walk and was in awe of the snow. It hadn't been warm enough to play outside in a while and we were getting over colds so we've been sticking it out inside. Well I left for work later that day, but Kyle took him out to play in it a bit while he scrapped up ice.

Today we went and played some more after nap. He loved it! Much better than the first go round in mid-December: Snow Play. He had a little difficulty walking, so he choose to crawl everywhere. He was really going when I pulled out the phone to get some video, so of course as soon as I press play he stops to catch his breath. But you can see all the tracks he made :-P

Just getting started
Snow play

On the move - look at that determination
Snow play

And I tried so hard to get a photo of him standing next to the snowman... but he refused. As soon as I stepped back enough to get a picture he took off... stinker!
Snow play

Snow play

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Animal Sounds (& smells)

Isaac woke up from nap making animal sounds while I was changing his diaper. So I tried to capture it on video. He does a few, but not like I was early, of course. I can't believe how fast he is developing. Such a cute little guy!

And in other news today was such a fantastic day (sarcasm there... but really a lot of horrible things happened but it wasn't a horrible day). Started with my jeep acting up on our way to a La Leche League meeting... then after the meeting my jeep wouldn't start. Kyle was able to come and pick us up, which was nice getting to see him. And Isaac ran to him smiling, which made his day as well. So Jeep got towed to the shop by AAA and Kyle took us home. Isaac and I had lunch, then he took a great nap! Which is rare, I got a lot of chores done. Jeep got diagnosed and worked on - battery and cables needed to be replaced and my shocks were bad so four shocks put on... a little financial dent but shit happens. Speaking of shit... that tops off the day. Kyle came home (from taking me to my car) to find that Harpo had puked on the carpet. While we were cleaning up the carpet after dinner. Well he cleaned it a little when he got home but I wanted to go over it again because you could see the area. So as I was cleaning we were getting serenaded by musical toots coming from Isaac's behind. It was cutting into bath time but we wanted him to finish up, so we let him do his thing. Then as I'm cleaning up the second/last vomit spot I see Harpo behind Isaac licking the carpet... what is he doing!?! I go over there and there is a yellow streak, oh no Harpo puked again, and standing near Isaac was dreadful, good grief this kids butt smells! I go to clean it and lift Isaac up to move him over when yellow ooze starts dripping out of his pant leg. Oh dear Lord, that's the yellow! Kyle runs to get a paper towel (which is next to us since I was already cleaning the carpet, good timing eh?) we put a paper towel where the drips were happening and shimmied Isaac into the bathtub. Kyle gets Isaac washed up, I continue my carpet cleaning for the evening and we have a nice laugh. Ironically before the poop leakage I was joking with Kyle "Just a lovely Tuesday evening, cleaning up vomit and listening to my son crap his pants" If only it would have stayed that lovely :-)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sea Life at MoA

Today we went to Sea Life which is the aquarium at Mall of America (formally named Underwater Adventures). This was Isaac's first time at an aquarium. He seemed to like it, but was also distracted by all the people so he got a lot of people watching in as well as some fish watching.

Our goal was to get there when it opened to avoid the crowd (at 10). We probably beat the big crowd but there was still a lot of kids being that it was President's Day and school was out. But we wanted to go on this day so Kyle could join us since he was off of work.

sea life-2

Walking through the aquarium tunnel:
sea life-4

sea life-5

sea life-7

Jelly fish:
sea life-3

Poisonous frog:
sea life-6

And an alligator popping his head up. He was actually standing on a log.
sea life-8

Homemade Playdough

My mom had sent me her homemade play-dough recipe a month or so ago because she had made some with my nieces and nephew. I purchased what I needed but decided to wait until she got here to make it with Isaac.
playdough -1

Isaac likes to watch us make dinner quite often, but he doesn't really get to participate. This time he got to help a little, and it was okay that a little mess was made :-)
playdough -3

playdough -4

playdough -5

playdough -6

It took him a while to get the hang of playing with it, but eventually he jumped right in.
playdough -7

I had a set of play-dough toys I had picked up in the Target $1 bin a few months ago.
playdough -8

(Thanks to Kyle for taking photos, he got my old camera and seems pretty proud to be able to play around without the pressure of getting what he thinks I am wanting)

Here are some of Isaac and Grandma reading, Isaac L-O-V-E-S reading!
gma d2-8

gma d2-7

And of course he loves playing too!
gma d2-1

Knocking over blocks as soon as Grandma has a few stacked:
gma d2-2

Harpo does get love, although with all the photo bombs you would think he was starving for attention.
gma d1-6

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flash Back

Cleaning off our small camera and was double checking I had all my videos backed up before I deleted them. Came across this one, which I didn't have backed up and added it to the bunch.

Just wanted to share cuz it was so stinkin' cute! Babies sure don't last long.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Splishin' & a Splashin'

We went to a local gym today that has a splash pad for little ones. Isaac had so much fun! He loved going down the slide and running in the water. He kept running to the deep end (2 feet) he's such a dare devil!

Here's a video of him going up the stairs and down the water slide:

And I love this photo:

Here he is after they had just turned on the sprinklers:



Our friends, Jana & Logan at the bottom of the slide:

Isaac & Logan:

Logan was being so nice and sharing his cheerios:

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More photos & month 14

Playing around with my new lens now... it's a f/1.4 meaning the aperture will open wide to f-stop 1.4!! My widest lens before this was a 35mm 1.8 that was always on my other camera. This lens (50mm) will most likely always stay on my new camera as it is now my new fav!

new lens-1

These were from last night:
new lens-5

new lens-8

It is VERY hard to try and focus on a small focal plane (which is what 1.4 gives me) of an active one year old that won't stay still. But I was determined :-P

And then these were from today, trying to get a little valentine's day flare

he showed little interest

more interest in the rug gripper

And here are his 14 month photos, which was Monday but we just got to it today.
14 months-1

It was so funny because as soon as I set the blocks up, he knew where his spot was and he sat there very serious for the first couple photos, then he began playing with the blocks.
14 months-2

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Camera

I got a new camera!!! And I have been trying to figure out the settings to my liking. Took me almost 20 minutes to get my focal points how I like them... just a little getting used to and it's not even a new brand! But I'm excited and think I am closing in on all my particulars, then on to learn what it can do in addition to my older model.

Just wanted to share some practice shots I took the past few days. Which I just realized when I saved them, I saved them as small copies. I didn't realize this until I uploaded them and they uploaded super fast! So instead of going back and replacing with big files I'm just going to leave as is for now.

Saturday bath time:
bathtime-2  bathtime-5  bathtime-6

Sunday before the game (and before I left for work):
reading-1  reading-3  reading-4

Look he's running and he's not a big ball of blur!

Snack time today:
monday lunch-1

And playing in the basement, he is in to everything!
basement play-3  basement play-4
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