Monday, February 18, 2013

Homemade Playdough

My mom had sent me her homemade play-dough recipe a month or so ago because she had made some with my nieces and nephew. I purchased what I needed but decided to wait until she got here to make it with Isaac.
playdough -1

Isaac likes to watch us make dinner quite often, but he doesn't really get to participate. This time he got to help a little, and it was okay that a little mess was made :-)
playdough -3

playdough -4

playdough -5

playdough -6

It took him a while to get the hang of playing with it, but eventually he jumped right in.
playdough -7

I had a set of play-dough toys I had picked up in the Target $1 bin a few months ago.
playdough -8

(Thanks to Kyle for taking photos, he got my old camera and seems pretty proud to be able to play around without the pressure of getting what he thinks I am wanting)

Here are some of Isaac and Grandma reading, Isaac L-O-V-E-S reading!
gma d2-8

gma d2-7

And of course he loves playing too!
gma d2-1

Knocking over blocks as soon as Grandma has a few stacked:
gma d2-2

Harpo does get love, although with all the photo bombs you would think he was starving for attention.
gma d1-6

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