Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More photos & month 14

Playing around with my new lens now... it's a f/1.4 meaning the aperture will open wide to f-stop 1.4!! My widest lens before this was a 35mm 1.8 that was always on my other camera. This lens (50mm) will most likely always stay on my new camera as it is now my new fav!

new lens-1

These were from last night:
new lens-5

new lens-8

It is VERY hard to try and focus on a small focal plane (which is what 1.4 gives me) of an active one year old that won't stay still. But I was determined :-P

And then these were from today, trying to get a little valentine's day flare

he showed little interest

more interest in the rug gripper

And here are his 14 month photos, which was Monday but we just got to it today.
14 months-1

It was so funny because as soon as I set the blocks up, he knew where his spot was and he sat there very serious for the first couple photos, then he began playing with the blocks.
14 months-2

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