Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Animal Sounds (& smells)

Isaac woke up from nap making animal sounds while I was changing his diaper. So I tried to capture it on video. He does a few, but not like I was early, of course. I can't believe how fast he is developing. Such a cute little guy!

And in other news today was such a fantastic day (sarcasm there... but really a lot of horrible things happened but it wasn't a horrible day). Started with my jeep acting up on our way to a La Leche League meeting... then after the meeting my jeep wouldn't start. Kyle was able to come and pick us up, which was nice getting to see him. And Isaac ran to him smiling, which made his day as well. So Jeep got towed to the shop by AAA and Kyle took us home. Isaac and I had lunch, then he took a great nap! Which is rare, I got a lot of chores done. Jeep got diagnosed and worked on - battery and cables needed to be replaced and my shocks were bad so four shocks put on... a little financial dent but shit happens. Speaking of shit... that tops off the day. Kyle came home (from taking me to my car) to find that Harpo had puked on the carpet. While we were cleaning up the carpet after dinner. Well he cleaned it a little when he got home but I wanted to go over it again because you could see the area. So as I was cleaning we were getting serenaded by musical toots coming from Isaac's behind. It was cutting into bath time but we wanted him to finish up, so we let him do his thing. Then as I'm cleaning up the second/last vomit spot I see Harpo behind Isaac licking the carpet... what is he doing!?! I go over there and there is a yellow streak, oh no Harpo puked again, and standing near Isaac was dreadful, good grief this kids butt smells! I go to clean it and lift Isaac up to move him over when yellow ooze starts dripping out of his pant leg. Oh dear Lord, that's the yellow! Kyle runs to get a paper towel (which is next to us since I was already cleaning the carpet, good timing eh?) we put a paper towel where the drips were happening and shimmied Isaac into the bathtub. Kyle gets Isaac washed up, I continue my carpet cleaning for the evening and we have a nice laugh. Ironically before the poop leakage I was joking with Kyle "Just a lovely Tuesday evening, cleaning up vomit and listening to my son crap his pants" If only it would have stayed that lovely :-)

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