Monday, April 30, 2012

Twins Game - Part 2

This photo really didn't turn out. I placed him there facing us with the field in the background, but I was so excited to get a picture of him because he looked so cute in his attire that I didn't really pay attention to how the photograph was going to turn out. So please excuse the washed out background and just know that yes there is a baseball field back there :-)
And I was excited to capture him in his outfit before drool or spit-up got on it! Which right after this photo I put his bib on, which I made for this occasion! I figured all his cute little outfits get covered up by bibs, why not make a cute bib :-)

Now-a-days I feel like I have to take a picture with my 'real' camera as well as a picture with my phone to instantly upload to facebook. In all honestly I don't really use my 'real' camera as much these days. I always have my phone on  me and it's so easy to just snap a picture of him and instantly have it on facebook for friends and family to view :-) But since I did lug my camera a long I was determined to use it! lol



I realized I didn't have his cute hat on so we had to take the same picture again. And no matter how many times I straightened his hat, it ALWAYS ended up sideways from him turning his head back and forth.

and again

Here he is saying "seriously mom!?! how many of these pictures are you going to take?!" lol

Can't leave a Twins game without capturing the Cargill sign in the 8th inning!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Twins Game

Today Isaac attended his first Twins Game at Target Field. We picked up an umbrella stroller at Target on our way home from church this morning so we could just fold it up and put it under our seat at the game. We were all dressed in our twins attire and found a nearby ramp to park in.

It was so cute, as we were walking to the stadium we could hear Isaac squealing with joy in the stroller, he was really enjoying himself.

He took a nap shortly after we got there. I was surprised he could sleep so sound with all the noise going on.

Here are some pictures from my phone. I'll have to post the pictures from my camera later.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day of firsts

Yesterday was a fun day of firsts!! He finally rolled over and figured out how to get that arm up and under his shoulder. He is getting so wiggly now!!

He also started blowing raspberries, it's quite funny.

And he had his first picnic. Well mommy and daddy had the food he just got to lay and look at the willow tree blow in the wind :-) such a fun way to spend our 3rd anniversary.

And one more video just for fun, here he's playing with his feet on the changing table:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We got up and went to church today and of course put Isaac in the cutest little outfit. So once we got home I got some pictures of him with his Easter basket outside in front of our only blooming tulip :-)
isaac easter-5

He was wearing his first 'real' pair of shoes:
isaac easter-3

He loves his feet
isaac easter-2

isaac easter-7

Here's his basket:
isaac easter-1

He didn't get a very good nap at church or on the way home so we couldn't get the big smiles out of him. Also in other news the past few days he's been taking 2 hour naps!!! Much different from the 30 minute cat naps we're used to. Kyle and I actually got to sneak in a nap today.

Here's his 4 month picture, it's crazy to see him grow in that same spot on the couch! This month he was noticeably bigger.

And as you can tell from this photo, he won't just sit there anymore ;-)

We also have his latest stats from his pediatrician visit:
Weight: 15lbs 13.5oz (60th %)
Height: 27 inches (97th %)
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