Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We got up and went to church today and of course put Isaac in the cutest little outfit. So once we got home I got some pictures of him with his Easter basket outside in front of our only blooming tulip :-)
isaac easter-5

He was wearing his first 'real' pair of shoes:
isaac easter-3

He loves his feet
isaac easter-2

isaac easter-7

Here's his basket:
isaac easter-1

He didn't get a very good nap at church or on the way home so we couldn't get the big smiles out of him. Also in other news the past few days he's been taking 2 hour naps!!! Much different from the 30 minute cat naps we're used to. Kyle and I actually got to sneak in a nap today.

Here's his 4 month picture, it's crazy to see him grow in that same spot on the couch! This month he was noticeably bigger.

And as you can tell from this photo, he won't just sit there anymore ;-)

We also have his latest stats from his pediatrician visit:
Weight: 15lbs 13.5oz (60th %)
Height: 27 inches (97th %)

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