Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Snow

snowy yard
Well yesterday (November 13th) we officially had our first snow of winter 2010. When I measured about mid-afternoon we had about 7 inches. It won't be the first layer of snow for the winter, as we are suppose to warm up again, and it's all going to melt. But it is definitely our first snow fall and it's a little later than it was last year. Although last year it wasn't a dumping like this year.

The other difference from last year is our view of the snow!
first snow

Since we have a new back door with a WINDOW in it, we can SEE the snow. I woke up singing "The weather outside is frightful... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" I just love the snow!!!! Kyle rolled over and grumbled, heehee. Good thing I'm living in Minnesota then, right?

Since the weather was blizzardy all day, we stayed hunkered down and watched a few movies, Kyle beat me at Monopoly, we went for a swim at our gym, then ran by the mall to get a puzzle. We haven't done a puzzle in ages.

We're actually almost finished. Oh we also fixed chili, which is the perfect snowy weather meal!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Events

Halloween events start Friday evening when our friends came over to start making our costumes for a Ghost Run (5K). We made S'MORES! Saturday we got up and picked up our friends and headed up north to the race.

anoka ghost run

It was a fun event, rather tiresome having to run while holding a giant piece of chocolate, but we made it!! I do have to add that the event itself was extremely UNORGANIZED. When we finished we were slammed into a line, a standing line.... okay I don't know about you but when I finish running I like to walk and keep my legs moving. If I'm not mistaken it's actually bad for your legs and probably your heart to just instantly stop. Anyway so we were in a line... to hand in our numbers. Then there was a major line for an apple and apple cider, so we went over to the TShirt line. Remember we paid money to enter this race. Once I made it to the TShirt line I found out they were ALL out of TShirts. So we went back over to the apple/apple cider line, where they were all out of cider... yeah not the best event - actually it's the worst I've ever participated in and it's my 4 face of the year.

But other than all that we had a fabulous time with friends :-D Here's Michelle in her marshmallow costume! It looks just like a marshmallow. We had first tried putting balloons in her shirt, but those ended up looking like saggy boobs so we went with the pillow idea.

Saturday evening we went over to another friends for a party and carving. My friend Rachel is a wonderful baker and made these super cute and super yummy cupcakes:

After snacking and having some pizza we all started carving our pumpkins.
carving 5
Kyle is cleaning out my pumpkin. I learned that he doesn't like carving pumpkins, but does like cleaning them out. Which is perfect because I don't like cleaning them out but do like carving them.

carving 2


Here is the pumpkin I was working on:
carving 6

And here it is finished:
my pumpkin

We then took all our pumpkins outside and lined them up

It was a fun evening!!

Sunday (Halloween Day) we got up and went to church. On our way home from church we needed to pick up candy. I also ran into a store and found some fun wigs to wear while we passed out candy :-) While we were at Costco we picked up the 5lb bag of candy. Kyle thought that would be enough, but I wanted to make sure we had enough. Remember last year we were installing our front room light so we really didn't have that many kids since our porch light was off. So I wanted to be prepared with enough candy... so we got two 5 lb bags. (which I didn't realize they were $15 a piece until we check out) Oh well it's for the children.

We got home and I decorated the house all nice and pretty and got dressed up for the kids. Kyle even dressed up - he's such a trooper. He wasn't dressed up for long though because I ended up handing out all the candy. We were hanging out in the living room and I wouldn't' see them at the door until they were RIGHT at the door so I would sprint to the front to hand out candy. Kyle's body wasn't up for the demands of getting to the door quickly so I ended up being the designated candy hander outer. So when we realized this, Kyle went ahead and took his costume off. BUT I did get a picture of him in it first :-)


Here is the front of our house all decorated for trick-or-treaters:
outside dayoutside night

So in the end we really didn't have that many kids come. We had a rush from about 7:00 to 7:30, but other than that it was just a trickle of kids one here one there. Kyle was right and we didn't need that extra bag of candy. Luckily I was able to return our unused bag of candy. :-)
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