Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Snow

snowy yard
Well yesterday (November 13th) we officially had our first snow of winter 2010. When I measured about mid-afternoon we had about 7 inches. It won't be the first layer of snow for the winter, as we are suppose to warm up again, and it's all going to melt. But it is definitely our first snow fall and it's a little later than it was last year. Although last year it wasn't a dumping like this year.

The other difference from last year is our view of the snow!
first snow

Since we have a new back door with a WINDOW in it, we can SEE the snow. I woke up singing "The weather outside is frightful... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" I just love the snow!!!! Kyle rolled over and grumbled, heehee. Good thing I'm living in Minnesota then, right?

Since the weather was blizzardy all day, we stayed hunkered down and watched a few movies, Kyle beat me at Monopoly, we went for a swim at our gym, then ran by the mall to get a puzzle. We haven't done a puzzle in ages.

We're actually almost finished. Oh we also fixed chili, which is the perfect snowy weather meal!!


Ali said...

That sounds like the absolute perfect day.

I want snow!

Unknown said...

I just really enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing, Dad

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