Sunday, August 16, 2020


Kyle and I got to get away Friday night for an hour. We checked out this little wine place in a shipping crate. 

Saturday morning Mary and I went to check out the Farmer's Market. She got a yummy dessert, birthday waffle on a stick. 

Then we went to Tanganyika Wildlife Park. 

It was a hot one and since we booked a time earlier in the day it was pretty busy so we only lasted an hour. We have season passes so it's nice to go to and not feel obligated to stay for a long time. Although the driving time was longer than we were there, but it was still a good morning. 

Third 'Beach' - not a beach at all

Last weekend on the Sunday after our cousins left we drove about 45 minutes to check out another beach. Although it wasn't a beach at all and only a swimming area. It was muddy, trashy, and the flies were horrible. We had picked up lunch on the way and had a picnic when we arrived. I picked up a bag worth of trash while there. It sprinkled on us a bit while we were there but then turned out to be a warm sunny time. 


Chickens Week 10 and our first Rooster

Chicks were 10 weeks last week. I decided to start taking their photos only every 2 weeks. It's Sunday and they are a few days shy of turning 11 weeks... just getting this blog written. We had our FIRST crow today, on my birthday :-P Bob is officially a rooster. I spent the morning reaching and posting in some groups and found him a new home. We will drive him there tomorrow. 

Emma holding Bernadette. 

Beep Beep:

Pretty black Elsa. 

Here's Bob in all his crowing glory:

This is Olaf (another rooster I think):

I think this is Bernadette (or Lila) both of which I think are hens. I can tell them apart by their feet, which I can't see in this photo. But I think that's Lila there laying down to the right. 

This was so funny, Elsa and Anna were caught sleeping:

Olaf by the fly catcher, the fly struggle is REAL!!! 

Mary holding Bob: 

Here are some pictures of Bob today:

Preparing Bob for his ride tomorrow, he's not a fan of being in the box. 

Thomas and I poking holes in the box (don't worry Bob is NOT in there, lol).


Cousin Visit

Last weekend my brother and his three kids came to visit. It was fun for all the cousins to get together and play. 

Isaac and Brayden playing on the new baseball goal Isaac and I put together the day before:

Even though it was SOOO hot outside we got some time outdoors to play and run. 

Friday afternoon we went for a walk around the Keeper of the Plains. Family Photo :-) 

Cousin photo :-) 

More play time at home. 

Lots of fuse bead making:

We went out to breakfast on Saturday then hit a park afterwards to burn some energy. So hot, but we didn't let the sweat stop us. 

Watching something here and Thomas was a little afraid, Brad held his hand to comfort him :-) 


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