Sunday, August 16, 2020

Chickens Week 10 and our first Rooster

Chicks were 10 weeks last week. I decided to start taking their photos only every 2 weeks. It's Sunday and they are a few days shy of turning 11 weeks... just getting this blog written. We had our FIRST crow today, on my birthday :-P Bob is officially a rooster. I spent the morning reaching and posting in some groups and found him a new home. We will drive him there tomorrow. 

Emma holding Bernadette. 

Beep Beep:

Pretty black Elsa. 

Here's Bob in all his crowing glory:

This is Olaf (another rooster I think):

I think this is Bernadette (or Lila) both of which I think are hens. I can tell them apart by their feet, which I can't see in this photo. But I think that's Lila there laying down to the right. 

This was so funny, Elsa and Anna were caught sleeping:

Olaf by the fly catcher, the fly struggle is REAL!!! 

Mary holding Bob: 

Here are some pictures of Bob today:

Preparing Bob for his ride tomorrow, he's not a fan of being in the box. 

Thomas and I poking holes in the box (don't worry Bob is NOT in there, lol).


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