Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Neighborhood Bike Rides

One day on the way home from somewhere we took a different route that brought us right up to our road but from across the street we normally turn down and we had an amazing view of our arch ways! Had to capture it cuz we don't normally see it like this! 

One morning we went for a bike ride to Thomas's preschool to drop off some paperwork. Felt great to get out and ride. 

Afternoon park with our neighbors, we drove to this one and had a picnic. 

August 4th we went for another bike ride to my polling place so I could vote in the primary election. I left Thomas buckled in while I ran in to vote, kids did great waiting. 

Then a couple days later Thomas and I rode back to his preschool for a quick tour. This will be his classroom come September. 

He didn't want a photo taken. 


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