Sunday, July 29, 2018

Linden Hills Wade Pool

Last Tuesday afternoon we enjoyed the warmth of summer at a different wade pool. I actually took Isaac here way back when he was just a baby so it was fun to capture Thomas in the same fashion. I had to dig out the photos I had of Isaac to share. These were from August 2012 - same wade pool, same outfit except that hat. I have no idea where that hat is, ha!

Then these are present day of Thomas and the kids. Had fun with Emma underwater :-)












Beach Day mid-July

We love being just a short wagon ride away from the sandy beach of a lake. Makes for a fun morning weekend trip!





Soccer camp & Summer Days

We have been having a really good summer. Despite the traumatic event a few weeks ago, we are somewhat recovering and enjoying the Minnesota warmth. Ya know it's not gonna last forever.

I signed Isaac up for another soccer camp since he missed the last after his accident. I will have to tell you I am working through some PTSD of watching my own child get hit by a car. It came flooding back at that first drop off. Even though it was a new park location, every time a car went by as I pulled up that first day, I had chest pains, anxiety, sick to my stomach, and breaking into tears. But as everything in life you work through it. Acknowledge the feelings and the emotions and grow stronger because of it.

While Isaac was at soccer in the sun, we enjoyed the park nearby.

Emma had painted this snake earlier this Monday at park playdate. They are all signed up for playground play in the mornings. It has been an AMAZING program and what I account for my summer sanity. Have the option to drop them off Monday through Thursday at a playground to burn some energy has been great. Isaac has gone almost everyday (except the one day he missed when in the hospital and a few from needing to go to the chiropractor). The girls were iffy at first. Emma had always liked it but Mary was a little slow to warm up. She actually didn't go this day that Emma did and painted the snake and Mary was a little sad she didn't get to paint a snake. So we haven't had any issues with her wanting to go since. Anyway an awesome option to have for us and we paid so little that if we don't want to go one day I don't feel guilty. I think that's the best part!

Anyway, back to soccer camp. We enjoyed being on the sidelines, packed a snack each day and just enjoyed the summer days!

We didn't pack our suits the first day, but the second we did and the kids LOVED the wade pool at the same park. We waited for Isaac to finish with soccer and spent a good hour and a half here that second day of camp.



Third day we enjoyed the park and water again during camp and again afterwards.











Thursday of that week it was rainy and camp was cancelled :-( Kids went to park playdate then we had a mellow day at home.

Friday was penny carnival. The kids collected some pennies and we went to enjoy the festivities.

The girls have been enjoying running through the sprinkler and playing in the water table. Isaac was inside busy with his new marble maze. He bought one of those round marble mazes with his own money the other day and it has provided HOURS of entertainment for him.

And Thomas just loves going with with flow. He loves exploring home when we're there and keeps pretty busy himself. He loves climbing into these chairs and reading :-)
 We switched out his infant seat this past week and he is now in a full sized rear facing seat. Oh the milestones, he's growing fast.
 Last week Isaac's buddy rode home with us after park playdate to help out his mom while she had an appointment. The kids were SOOO excited, it was rather comical.

Thomas has been sleeping in some (so exhausted from busy summer days) and since I've been getting up early with Kyle to get my workout in with him, Thomas doesn't really play in our room much. He made his way in there the other morning and was having a hay day playing with this table that seemed new-to-him. lol

Last week we made an afternoon run to the children's museum. It's the current favorite place to go for the kids right now. Here they are being silly in the van while we let Thomas catch a little extra ZZZZzzzzz

Learning from the lack of schedule last summer. This year I was prepared. We've been hitting up the library story time on Fridays (the one day there isn't playground days). Thomas and Mary LOVE it! Isaac kinda complains throughout the story time but sticks with it. Then they love playing at the library and picking out books. Thomas LOVES dancing right now, so the music is super fun for him.

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