Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

This morning we had a basket waiting for Isaac when he woke up
easter morning-1

This is his second Easter so we were reusing a few things. The sports eggs and the bunny ears. He went straight for the tool kit.
easter morning-2

He is always interested when we are using tools so it was time he got a set of his own. He immediately went to work hammering, screwing, and working on his chair (the table and chair set behind him was also an 'early' Easter gift last weekend, in which he was very interested in how we put them together)
easter morning-4

Then he discovered the M&M's in his eggs:
easter morning-5

We then had real breakfast and headed off to church. I brought my camera along with since it was such a dreary/windy/cold/still snow on the ground day. I wanted to use the great lighting at church to get some photos of him in his cute outfit. Which I ran around and found on Friday when I realized I didn't have an Easter outfit for him :-)
church easter photos-1

church easter photos-2

church easter photos-3

church easter photos-5

church easter photos-6

church easter photos-9

church easter photos-10

Later we had a great dinner with some friends who invited us over at church. We had a boring evening planned so it was nice to share our boring-ness in the company of friends. And Isaac had fun playing with their kiddo too!


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Como Zoo Trip

Yesterday I met up with a friend for a zoo trip. Since Kyle was off work for Good Friday, he was able to join us!! It was suppose to be a high of 50, but we knew going in the morning was going to pose a colder visit so we were prepared.

We stopped first in the primate building. Since it's still winter here in Minnesota, most of the animals are inside.
comozoo-2 comozoo-3 comozoo-4

Next stop the zebra & giraffee building... pee-phew it was smelling and HOT in there.

We stopped to see the wolf and the buffalo that were outside

Then went inside to see the lion and tiger.

The girl lion was a little angry and batting at the glass. The zoo keeper said she likes to be alone and when there is a crowd she gets rather upset. She was hissing and very angry.

Isaac was way too into snack to really care. Kyle tried to get him to watch by putting him on his shoulders but he started to cry until I gave him his snack back.

Next stop was the polar bear's. They were outside and probably loving this weather.

And Isaac loved running around in the polar bear area.

Final stop was the aquatic building with the penguins, fish, seals, and puffins.
comozoo-20 comozoo-24

Monday, March 25, 2013

Over due post

Yesterday we colored Easter Eggs with some friends. I didn't get any photos while we were actually dying the eggs (and Isaac's fingers). But here he is putting the eggs away before heading to bed:

And these photos are from a week or so ago. He was letting me practice for a photo session I was re-shooting with a baby and sibling. Trying some different poses to increase the odds of cooperation, gotta love kids. He seemed to have fun posing for me.
shag rug-1

shag rug-2

He's not a big stuffed animal kid, but we have them around and he shows some interest every now and then. But when he grabbed his elmo and was hugging him while posing for me (I had nothing to do with the addition of the doll, but it was perfect) So I quick snapped a photo before he let go.
shag rug-3

Monday, March 11, 2013


His new thing is imitating almost everything. He started 'winking' this weekend it is so funny. I sneezed earlier and he tried to copy me. And of course he is repeating us when we say various things "Isaac" "I love you" "Colorado" (looking at pictures on the wall)

Here's his winking video:

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Snow

Wow we got a lot of snow today!  Had some yesterday and went out to play in it while I shoveled. Isaac loves being out in it! Then today went out again this morning. What a work out! I'm not sure of the total count but this mornings shovel was at least 10" worth and it's still coming down.

These first photos are from yesterday, since it wasn't AS high he was able to crawl around the yard no problem.



Then today it was a little different of a story. He usually stands in this spot for a bit as I start to shovel and he gets used to the idea of being outside. Yesterday he stood there longer, today he knew it was time to play so it was only a few minutes.

I cleared a path through the yard for our mailman, as he takes this way to the next house; Isaac decided to follow me

I went over to take a look at our window well:

And here I am out on the front sidewalk, Isaac crawled the whole way through the path I had shoveled on the side walk. He thought it was pretty cool to make it out to where I was.

And a few more photos just for fun.

This was yesterday (Monday) at the baby storytime (< 24 months) at our local library. They have story time at the beginning then for the end she brings out lots of toys for them to all play. He was really digging the piano

And here he was coloring at ECFE last Thursday:

With his friend Andrea:
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