Monday, May 1, 2023

April update

The week after spring break was a WARM one! We got up in to the 80s and everyone was complaining about the heat, lol. This is a great picture to depict what was happening here:

Just before spring break we discovered a flood in our basement, four one of our hot water heaters leaking. We were out of hot water for a couple days before it was looked at and the guy was able to re-route the water line so we at least could have hot water from the one 'working' water heater. I say 'working' because it woo was on the verge of going out. Thursday April 13th he came to install TWO new water heaters. Owning a home is awesome! But hey now we all have hot water for shower nights now. 

Sunday morning book club at Yum! and I couldn't leave without this that was for sell :-) <3

April 17th, our anniversary, Kyle was traveling but it was fun to look through wedding and honeymoon pictures with Emma. 

Girls being silly with their feet:

Girls on the Run started the week before spring break. We had our first two practices inside then had them outside when it was so HOT, lol. This practice was half inside half out and was about emotions. I'm not sure who wrote this emotion, but it's perfect. 

Our snow is all melted finally... but out to eat on April 21st and it was SNOWING!

I called in to get a second opinion on our trees... and got the bid for our OLD address haha! Descpriton was the same since there were two arborvitae at our old house I was curious how theirs look so drove by. Not any better than ours. (they are coming end of June to help tie our back up and trim up the broken areas - which we just paid $2K for them to do in November... doing it again)

Kyle and I had a date night last weekend, April 22nd. We weren't sure what we were going to do then the Sunday before when I took the ids to the downtown library I noticed Hamilton was in town and said "HEY let's go see Hamilton!" Thankfully we were able to snag tickets and made a date night out of it. 



It was amazing. 

Turns out my snake plant is blooming!
And the kids getting along at BSF! I printed out the yearbook to proof one last time before submitting it and they loved looking through it. 

Helping with seed planting in Thomas's kindergarten class. 

Baseball has started! Isaac likes his team, says he likes this league better than the one we did in Kansas. I will say these kids are pretty good, he's getting better quickly. 

New helmets for them both, lol. 

The other morning I noticed this orange glow coming up and thought "Is that the SUN!?" I opened the window and it was DOWNTOWN! I was so excited I can see the skyscrapers from my bathroom window. Now I just need a patio or widow's peak on top of my house to sit up and look out. 

Isaac and I signed up for a 5K trail run on May 21st so time to get training with only 3 weeks to go. Saturday morning we got out in 40° weather to run around the lake. Pretty good with only 3 walking stretches. 


Later that morning we made it to the James J. Hill house for a tour. We'd been wanting to tour it again since it's been 12+ years that Kyle and I went through it. The kids did really good too, there was a scavenger hunt that kept them occupied.

Sunday the girls got to go with church to a trampoline park, Kyle picked up some new fishing poles at a Scheele's sale and him and Mary went down to the dock to work on casting. Spring is teasing us, some sun but still chilly. We also got the front yard cleaned up this past weekend. 


That's the April update! All caught up :-) 

April: Easter Weekend

First week of April, we still have snow and unfortunately our trees took a big hit this year with all the heavy snow :-( 

We went to see Mario Brothers in 3D on Friday. 

Saturday we colored eggs. I had ordered these new egg coloring things over Christmas. Super fun way to color eggs!

(No idea why Mary is wearing that on her head)

Family trip to Scheel's to look for fishing stuff.

The sun feels AMAZING! 55° out and decided to do playdoh outside.

Girls made confetti eggs at Saturday Artrageous. Kinda a fail to get them to spread everywhere.

Took a Saturday visit to Minnehaha Falls to enjoy the gorgeous weather. So ready for spring!

Sunday our former neighbor invited us to an egg hunt in her front yard! Lots of fun for the kids. 

(These photos were shared in a text thread and came through a little blurry)

Happy Easter!

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