Sunday, November 27, 2011

Project 52 {weeks 45-47}

Week 45
45 daisyjane original label
I had these fun labels made to put on all the random stuff I've been making :-) It took them a while to make/ship (from Hong Kong) but I was pretty excited when they finally made it to me!

Week 46
46_50 knitted football hat
While waiting for baby to arrived, I knitted a few hats. I first knitted a bigger one (the one in the back) but thought it was a little big and wanted to adjust some of my settings to the pattern I made up... so I made a smaller one which I still found some adjustments to be made if I make anymore.

Week 47
47 Kyle and Harpo
Harpo is soaking up all the love he can get these last few weeks before the baby arrives. Although he is still part of the family and will continue to get love, he's just going to be sharing the spot light soon :-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Projects

I've been meaning to update on my past 'nesting' projects and am just now getting around to it. Tired enough I needed to sit still at the computer I guess. Or I'm just looking for something to do as I patiently await our little one's arrival :-D

Besides the many diapers I completed months ago...
cloth diaper stash

When my mom was here, a month ago, I had some craft shopping to do. I made up some thank you cards for showers and what not gifts. I hemmed a few swaddle blankets, thanks to an amazing shower gift!! I also purchased a little kit to make a shopping cart cover. Boy was that more than I bargained for. I don't like sewing things BIGGER than my machine, not very easy to maneuver.
sew cart cover

I also made up some cute bibs with a pattern I saw via KAMsnaps FB page on Things For Boys blog:
sew bib Bibs

I think I was at my peak nesting time about a month ago. Wow I had so much energy it was great! Where has it gone??

About a week - 2 weeks ago I also sewed together some diapers for a friend, about 6 or 7. And got some NEW labels to add :-)
cloth diapers for Mal

I had these custom labels made at through World Wide Labels
clothing labels

In the last week I've made two cute little football hats; one 6+ months and then one newborn:
knitted football hat
I had to make up my own pattern for these so it was nice to practice and get a couple of sizes out of it.

And I also cranked out a pair of fleece longies which are meant to be used over fitted diapers at night, although this newborn pattern looks to run really small.... so they might just be around the house pants.
fleece longies
This fleece longie pattern came from Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker. Since the newborn size was pretty small I decided to make smalls next. Well when I printed off the small pattern it turns out you make the inseam length 'as needed'.... well since I don't have a little one here to measure these are getting put on hold.

And just for fun a 39 week belly photo!
39 weeks front B&W

Photo 44


44 autumn leaf
It's Fall! Well the leaves started falling a while ago. But it was Friday and I was running out the door to work, realized I didn't get a picture yet this week so thought I'd be creative with my camera phone :-) phew almost missed a week.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby Belly

Well he sure is a-growin' in there. Here's my latest timeline - up to a week ago 37 weeks.
belly timeline up to 37

Then here's this week - 38.
38 weeks text

A few weeks ago we had some pictures taken. I found a new photographer via craigslist, she didn't have any other maternity photography experience and I was HAPPY to help out :-) The following pictures were taken by Nicole.Mae Photography. (October 18th - 35 weeks pregnant)






25 cropped

It was about 42 degrees, and we got cold pretty quickly. But it was nice to get some photos of the two of us and our growing little one :-)

October 26th {photo 43}

Harpo had his fifth birthday last week!! So I had to pull out the ol' birthday hat. :-)

43 Harpo birthday
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