Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Private Flight over Wichita

In March we participated in a virtual Wine Women & Shoes fundraising event. We bought a box that was delivered to our house, an event to raise money for the Kansas Children's Foundation. It was a fun night, they delivered us a charcuterie board and we made another larger one for the kids, let them get all dressed up... anyway one of the auction items we ended up purchasing was a flight for two over Wichita and to Hutchinson for dinner at the airport restaurant. Hutchinson is about a 50 minutes drive from our house. 

We met Lindsey our pilot at a small airport north east of our place. Jabara airport. There are a ton of small airports around here given we're the air capital of the world :-P 

She walked us to the plane. She is a pilot and part of a private club so she gets to rent aircraft whenever. She donated this package to raise funds for the KCF. 

That first plane is not ours, ours is behind it. Second photo is the plane we took. 

Lindsey going through her check list (like all pilots do) getting ready for take off. It was only the hottest night of the summer. We left the door open as long as possible trying to get some air flow. It was hot and I was hungry so my stomach was not being friendly on the flight there. I didn't get sick but didn't feel the best. Felt 1,000 times better on the way home after I ate so I knew it wasn't the height that was bothering me. Also the heat was crazy, didn't realize I had completely sweated through my clothes til we stood up, lol. Then we were FREEZING in the restaurant so that probably helped the way home not feel so bad. Also sun going down on the way home. Anyway here's the flight there. 

take off!

Kansas fields, flat flat flat!

Made our way over downtown Wichita. 

Riverside park and the keeper in the background: 

Cool to see the little Arkansas river meet up with the Arkansas river. 

Exploration place is so cool from the sky:

Left downtown and headed for Hutchinson. 

Parked at the airport and had dinner. We both ordered the Surf and Turf.... which came with FRIED shrimp, lol. We had a laugh. It was good, nice food. Just funny... a bar and grill trying to be fancy in the middle of no where. It was fun. 

Back to the plan for the trek back. We were hoping to time it to see the lighting of the keeper at 9pm He only stays lit for 15 minutes. 

Some more shots of the plane we rode. 

I got front seat this time. 

The sunset was beautiful but these photos just don't do it justice. 

Selfie with the sunset:

Back to fly over Wichita, so cool to see the stadium all lit up. 

These are the fields that Isaac plays his games at:

Wichita State in the distance where I teach yoga. Starting to get dark so pictures are getting blurry as we head back to the airport. 

Cool seeing the runway all lit up, never seen that before. Hard to see here. 

Such an awesome evening and fun to do in Wichita! Made for the best date night we've had. So glad we were able to do it. 


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