Thursday, October 30, 2008

Harpo turns 2!!

Update: 10-28-10 I realized all my old blog pictures that aren't hosted by flickr are now missing!!!! I've updated these pictures so you can see them :-)

Sunday (the 26th) we celebrated Harpo's second birthday. Isn't he so cute!?!?! He got a new collar and I made him a bunch of homemade treats, which he LOVES!
100_7582 100_7588 100_7590 100_7585

New collar:

Halloween Lights outside

We got our halloween lights put up earlier in the week, they are around the shutters on the window. I forgot to get a picture and when I remembered it was already dark. You can somewhat see my Obama sign in the right window :0) Don't forget to vote Tuesday!!
halloween lights

I took a better picture the morning after Halloween. We enjoyed passing out candy!
halloween lights 2

Kitchen halfway painted

We started painting the kitchen last weekend, the color of the kitchen is a blue called: Americana. We got above the cabinets all finished with two coats. In one picture you can see the full wall on the left side, it just has one coat on it and the edges aren't painted at all. This weekend we plan to do a lot of leave raking, it's suppose to be nice out and will probably we our last nice weekend.... so the painting will probably be put on hold until the next weekend. We also haven't put the cabinet back on in the corner above the pantry... there are a few white touch ups we need so we'll probably keep that off til we're all done.
kitchen painted kitchen painted 2

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Decorating for Fall/Halloween!

This weekend we went to an apple orchard... turned out that apple picking season is over :0( and they were only selling them out of these huge bins... BUT we did fine this little greenhouse down the road where we got some pumpkins and things to decorate the front of the house!!

Here is Kyle and I at the pumpkin place, my friend Sheryl took the picture.
pumpkin patch K&D

And here is the front of our house. Del (Kyle's dad) got me the little scarecrow you see standing near the house, it fits perfectly there. And then we made the other scarecrow today with some clothes from Goodwill. You might not be able to see, but we have some orange (Halloween) lights in the window, hanging from the inside.
front of house fall

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A few things here and there

We got a few things done last night, I found this little shelf at Goodwill that I painted white to match the cabinets. Anyway I needed a spot for my plant by the window since it can't be on the window sill with the window being shut. Kyle hung this up last night.
plant on shelf

We also got a few pictures hung. I had already hung some on the office and in the dinning room. But last night we got a few on the stairs going up to our bedroom and our diploma's hung in the fine arts room. (Our neighbor Cele ("seal") ) calls it her fine arts room with her computer, sewing machine, piano (or some kind of musical instrument I can't remember). Anyway I told her that I have a room like that as well!
pictures in stairway
pictures in office

I also got the kitchen primed a little, I'm going to finish it today. I got all the spots above the cabinets... now there is no bright red, woo hoo!
kitchen pre prime

kitchen primed 2

kitchen pre primed 2

kitchen primed

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Winter is approaching!

When my mom was here she bought me some bulbs to plant before it gets cold. Well I went to plant them in the front flowerbed while she was here and found multiple layers of the plastic weed barrier and many inches of rocks. SO that of course brought about a project; which needs to be complete before it freezes here (the other morning it was in the high 30's). We ordered a sieve online and it came in over the weekend so Sunday and Monday (just me), and tonight (we) worked on getting the rocks out. We are putting aside the blue/grey slate rocks to use again, but getting rid of all the other rocks and adding it to our concrete pile for now (which will get hauled away eventually). Anyway we reached the halfway mark today!! Not sure if you can tell from the pictures. The little bush in the middle, it's roots were all intertwined in rocks, so hopefully it will do better now that I gave it some dirt to nest in.

I also picked up a little ornament for our yard! :0) Gotta love 50% off sales!
It says Harvest Greetings in case you can't read that.

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