Friday, December 16, 2022

First half of December

Mary is doing archery on Tuesday's in December. At first I thought it was another beginner class but all the kids have taken it before so they are getting to play more games and work on aim. This was her first night she was pretty proud of that shot in the yellow. 

The pencil is lit up!

The kids had a music performance at school. 

Isaac's class:

The gym was PACKED! I took photos for yearbook so was back and forth cross the front. 

Thomas got a haircut shortly after this lol, look at his sideburns! 

Mary and Emma were covered up in the back row. 

Last weekend we made it over to the natural history museum here. They have built a new one since Kyle and I had first been to the Bell Museum maybe 12 years ago. They had a bug exhibit at the front, the kids had fun touching all the bugs!

Then we explored it all

Harpo being cute at home. Still getting around okay. Not a fan of the snow. He just pees in the middle of the walk way even though we shoveled an area for him to get over into the grass. 

Mary's second archery class. 

And we got to go out for dinner just Kyle and I for his birthday last night. 

Today I got to walk with the girls' 3rd grade classes to our school forest (which we basically pass our house on the walk over toward the cedar lake beach area forest) They hung pinecone bird feeders they made. 

Got some photos for yearbooks of the kids playing in the snow. Won't be using this one, but had to share it here cuz Thomas is such a goof!

I shoveled AGAIN, we've gotten lots of snow the past couple days. Then I went out to fly my drone. Got to the lake and realized I didn't have my card in the drone, luckily it still saved a lower quality copy to my phone but it didn't save the video I captured. 


Isaac's 11th Birthday

 I was waiting to share this until I had his 11 year old photo with his blocks... but here we are 2 weeks later and still haven't taken it. So instead of putting this off I'll just add that photo later. 

We had a busy birthday weekend. His birthday fell on a Sunday this year, but he had a basketball tournament that day so we wanted to start the celebration earlier. Saturday he had a chess tournament all day, so we celebrated Saturday evening as a family. We decorated the house while he was at chess. 

Then he got to open presents that evening. 

He got a kindle! 

I made him his special cake and we sang happy birthday!

Sunday he had his basketball tournament over in north St Paul. It was also the day we needed to pick up our Christmas tree that our realtors gave us. I took the other kids to do that then we all met over in St. Paul for lunch with Isaac. Emma and Thomas had soccer, then we made it home to shower in time for the babysitter who arrived at 3:00 and then Isaac, Kyle, and I had reservations for a puzzle room at 4:00. We had a date night with Isaac for his birthday. We did a Harry Potter themed escape room which was fun then went out to eat. 

So fun to celebrate this growing boy. I love that he wanted to be with us and hope for years to come he wants to spend his birthday with just us. I love this kid more than words can express! Happy Birthday Isaac! 

Thursday, December 8, 2022

End of November into December

Last Tuesday: November 29th we had some snow roll in. At first they were only calling for 1.9" or so. I think we probably got about 5 or 6 or more. It was coming down pretty fast. Kyle was out of town (again - seems like last time it snowed he was out of town so he had yet to shovel our new sidewalks). I tried to keep up with the snow a bit and did three rounds of shoveling this day. Felt it in my back obliques the next day. This was to show I shoveled and then by the time I finished the falling snow already had the sidewalk covered. 

Harpo came in covered in snow - not a good photo. 

On that same day Tuesday Thomas had his 50th day of school celebration. They got root beer floats and did some 50s dancing.  

The girls helped me get the front done another round. 

Wednesday's walk to school, uphill in a feet of snow, LOL. 

We've been enjoying lots of time in front of our new gas logs. 

I picked up a wreath from Costco. Looks amazing on the wood door... but not so great with the storm door covering it. So I moved it to the outside. 

Isaac at basketball practice on Friday. He had a basketball tournament on Sunday (his birthday) and a chess tournament all day Saturday (the day before his birthday).

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