Friday, February 9, 2018

January Photo Dump

Here are some photos from the past month. Baby Thomas and all his adorableness :-) and Mary enjoying a starbucks cake pop. 

We glued the clips on the girls little art project they made with Grandma Judy and here Emma has it clipped to her shirt:

Thomas sitting up nice and tall!

Thomas's first bath with the girls, they were VERY excited for this! haha.

And the girls playing with my old troll dolls.

The girls are taking gymnastics again, they love it!

Sneak peek at Isaac teaching Mary how to play a game before the crack of dawn. This is a typical morning.

This is a typical morning as well, Emma playing with Thomas while I get my workout in. And Mary snuggles, she sure loves her baby brother!

Isaac at skate lessons on Saturday:

And Thomas giving mama some love hugs. He's a mama's boy for sure and I love my baby snuggles!

Helping the time go by in the afternoon, riding off the crankys.

I braided the girls hair for gymnastics this day. First time getting Mary's hair in two braids, she was beaming! I'm getting better each time, practice makes perfect right?

Super Bowl Festival

The Wednesday before Super Bowl we ventured downtown to check out the super bowl live events. It was pretty exciting having the super-bowl in our own town and we didn't want to miss out on this opportunity to experience it. 

Our kiddos have an early bedtime, since Isaac is on the bus before 7 am, so it was mainly an in-and-out operation. We had dinner at home then got everyone bundled up and left for downtown, a whopping 4 miles away. We weren't sure how parking was going to be but we were SO lucky and got street parking two blocks down and it was FREE after 6! YAH! 

Viking jersey in ice & the fun photo op snow globe (which we didn't wait in line for)

There were actually a lot of long lines for a bunch of fun stuff we had heard about, but we didn't want to dedicate that much time to the adventure and instead just wondered the few blocks. Here we got to watch a drum line for a bit.

Isaac led us into this little booth where they had a few games while advertising their company (which I can't remember what it was) but they each got a little bag, score! Super Bowl paraphernalia for free!

Then we wondered down to an area they had built up with snow for a skiing track. It went up over 9th street acting as a little hill. The skiers were cross country skiing down, up the hill, down the other side circling around and came back to where they started. The kids enjoyed watching a few runs of that.

There was ice sculptures and this is about the point we stopped walking down, cut through the IDS tower  and made our way back to the van. It had started to snow and it was very pretty. Minnesota had it's way of showing off for all our guest the week before super bowl. It almost snowed everyday and stayed nice and cold so the guests could really experience the bold north, haha!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Isaac's Activities (Basketball, Skating, & Sledding)

Isaac is in basketball this winter. He wasn't sure about it and we had to persuade him to do it, but he is really enjoying it. And we knew he would. He's very tall for his age so he has a real advantage here, we want to set him up for success :-) 


Last friday we finally got to go sledding. It's not an easy task with all four kids. Isaac was out of school for a teacher work day and the girls were in preschool. So we met up with some friends just me and the boys. I was wearing Thomas, not the easiest thing to do and help push him down the hill, lol.

And Saturday he's in skating lessons. (yes we are very busy!) We waiting a little long to do this, he's prob the oldest and biggest in his class. But he was asking to and really wanted to learn so we got him signed up last minute.


OH! And lastly, he participated in his school's talent show. It was so sweet, he wanted to count to 100 by 5's. Pretty brave to get up on stage. Me and the kids made it to watch him. (video)

Grandma Judy's Visit

I started this blog a few weeks ago but didn't get it finished. Sorry for the delay. Grandma Judy came to visit the beginning of January. The plan was for her to fly in to help out while Kyle traveled to Bangkok. But last minute issues at the airport caused Kyle's trip to not happen. It was still great having grandma here because we're always out numbered and will take any help we can get :-) 

Monday while the girls were in school we got to run a few errands. One being to the craft store, where Thomas got to sit in the shopping cart for the very first time! 

Emma saying "I see Grandma's feet, what is she doing in there?" lol.

Lots of reading

Wednesday we took a trip over to Como Conservatory and walked around inside. It was fun to get out of the house.

We even went out to eat for lunch. Thomas is such a happy boy!

It was really nice having help at Isaac's basketball on Thursday evening. Grandma kept the girls occupied with a craft in the lobby.

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