Thursday, December 27, 2018

Kyle's Birthday (& Thomas's ECFE)

Kyle's birthday was Monday. Isaac had an idea to make him a scavenger hunt that morning before he left for school. I was excited and did some research online for various ideas. When Isaac got home I asked if he was ready to make it, he asked "Well didn't you make it while I was at school?" hahaha. "Nope! It was your idea!" 

So we sat down and made about ten clues. When I first asked how many clues we should start with he said "The number of years daddy is". LOL, no again, lets start with 7 or so. 

We ended up with 9 or 10 I think. We both had a lot of funny making it and setting the clues out. Isaac was so excited for daddy to get home. We all hid in the closet as the first clue led him up to the bedroom. 

Deciphering the next clue:

Onto number 6:

Then finished with a handmade card hid behind the TV. :-)

We didn't really have much else planned so it was a great last minute idea from Isaac as a way to show Kyle how special he is to us.

Hanging out before bed. Thomas being cute pretending a calculator is a phone.

Tuesday night that week we made a fire. Sure is a fun way to make it feel like Christmas. And I'm glad I got all the kids stockings finished to hang together this year. Now I'm thinking about making one for Kyle and I so we can have all six stockings hanging.

Wednesday mornings Thomas has ECFE. So fun to do this for him as well. I did it with Isaac and the girls.

Just relaxing, sippin' on bubble juice, LOL!

Thursday night we had plans to celebrate Kyle's birthday. We were going to hit up a book tour at the art museum. I had actually attended it with my book club a few weeks before but wanted to do it again with Kyle. Our sitter was late arriving so we would have been 45 minutes late to the tour so we decided to skip it. Instead we went early to our dinner reservation. So glad they could seat us 1.5 hours before we were scheduled to arrive. AMAZING place: Italian Eatery. My BSF leader had talked about it and we wanted to try it out. Then I realized that on my latest birthday we were IN ITALY and for Kyle's birthday we stuck with the Italian theme. Had to get some Sicilian wine.

The food was amazing and we had a wonderful surprise. My BSF leader had called in a favor for them to bring us dessert! (Turns out she is really good friends with the owners). Such a fun surprise! 

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