Saturday, December 15, 2018

Isaac's birthday celebration at home

His birthday fell on a Tuesday this year and he had school, so he was gone for most of it. I decorated the house like usual and made him a cake.

Got his birthday pictures out of the way, however he was not into cooperating with me... 
Isaac 7 years old-3

Isaac 7 years old-6

Isaac 7 years old-9

Isaac 7 years old-11

Mary made him this sweet 'card' at BSF! She wrote his name and her name. She is so thoughtful.

A collage of my sweet boy through the years: 

Capturing him walking home from school as a 7 year old :-)

I have a special birthday cake I started making last year. He got to pick his color of icing and wanted Vikings colors. 

Typical seven year old boy, not willing to smile for me.

Open presents after dinner. I made him his favorite dinner of meatloaf.

Thomas busy playing.

New basketball from his sisters.

Looking at the nerf guns and target he got from Grandma Cindy.

Time for cake. Making pouty face while we sang to him. Had a lesson about being grateful after this little episode.

He got an african drum for his birthday:

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