Wednesday, April 28, 2021

March 28th Easter Egg Hunt

We got back from OKC on Saturday. Sunday Thomas's preschool church was having an egg hunt. It is only a few blocks away so we walked and all the kids got to participate. It was fun to have an egg hunt again since last year everything was cancelled. 

They had different sections for the age groups. Thomas was with the first bunch, he wasn't so sure about it. 

The girls were in the second group to go. 

Isaac's age group were given the real challenge with hidden eggs on the playground. 


OKC Spring Break Trip Day 4 March 27th Botanical Garden

Last morning in OKC, out for breakfast at a place we walked to from our house. We started to pack up, got a load of laundry going then walked to get food. 

Walked back to the house and loaded up the van. We didn't have to get back in too big of a hurry because we weren't picking up Harpo til the following day from the boarding house. We stopped in to get some coffee at this cute little coffee house called Red Cup. 

Then drove downtown and decided to walk around the botanical garden and visit their kid play area. 

We headed out of town, grabbing lunch and bubble tea along the way. Made it home before dinner. Nice little get away. I think next time we'll try to hit up Tulsa... OKC is just a little larger of a Wichita version :-/ 


OKC Spring Break Trip Day 3 March 26 - Art Museum

Another morning out for breakfast, this is probably our favorite meal to go out to eat for. Can't complain about the Latte's. 


Mary, in her usual ants in the pants can't hold still, was bopping around in her seat and rammed her head into Thomas' fork... those creating two puncture wounds :-( 

This artwork was in the alley way on the walk to the restaurant 

We drove through downtown to go to Scissortail park, which we had been to a year ago when we visited OKC at the start of the pandemic


After the park we decided to go back to the house to get Thomas to nap. The kids played in the backyard of our AirBnB. 

Then after Thomas got some sleep we went to the art Museum... a little disappointed with how small it was. Only three levels (3 exhibits), we thought it was going to be bigger. 

First exhibit was a visiting Moving Vision set:

The third floor was the Dave Chiuly glass which was AMAZING. The best part of the whole museum. 
2nd exhibit 

3rd exhibit:

Attempt at a family photo: 


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