Sunday, June 30, 2019

Seattle Vacay: Day 5 (Crab Pot, Musical Playground, MoPop, Revisiting Science Center, Pioneer Square)

Sunday Funday. We spent the morning in the house, we didn't set an alarm but of course everyone was up. We had breakfast and I think the kids watched a movie. Then Thomas was being so destructive we decided to put him down for a nap. He hasn't taken a morning nap since he was about 4 months old, but he was in desperate need of making up sleep so we got him down for rest about 10am. I also took a nap in that time. The kids laid around coloring in their activity books, reading, and the girls doing their girl play. It was a nice laid back morning.

Then we decided to get seafood for lunch. Seafood was on Kyle's list and we were having a hard time getting it in. We went back to the water front. Took the bus downtown then walked down by the Orchestra Hall and Art Museum again.

You know you've done a city right when you start hitting familiar areas and are revisiting things you've already done. I think we did a thorough run of Seattle.

These were the steps we walked up when we left Post Alley and walked to the Library, this time we were coming down them all the way to the pier.

We made it to the Crab Pot

As I was taking the kids picture (Kyle and Isaac had ran in to use the restroom) a security guard ran up saying "No No Mom you need to get in the picture too" Nice of him to get this:

They had an outside window to order food but we went inside for the sit down restaurant

Kyle and I ordered on of the large crap pot dishes - a mixture of things that they bring in a big bowl and dump on the table in front of you. Comes with hammer mallet, bib, and all. We also treated ourselves to bloody Mary's.

After lunch the kids begged to go to the video arcade which we passed on the way to the bathroom. They each got to choose one game to play. The girls choose this Simpson game to play. And Isaac played a ninja turtle game.

Next we had a few things on our to do list, one was pick up our annual Christmas ornament at a gift shop and the other was to find a sticker for our luggage. Two traditions we do when we go on vacation. I thought it was pretty funny that these stickers were printed in Minnesota.

While I was in line getting Mary her long sleeve Seattle shirt (the exact one that Emma got but Mary didn't want a different one she wanted the same one) Kyle attempted to get the kids photo out front.. but clearly they weren't cooperating.

Next we walked down the pier a little ways to catch the free waterfront shuttle to take us up to Seattle Center.

We had seen a playground a few days before from the sky when we were up in the space needle and we wanted to check it out. The playground was right outside of MoPop (Museum of Pop Culture - previously known as the The Music Experience)

Everyone was happy to be running and playing on the playground.

It was a really neat playground with various musical components. This little rock box was cool, when you dropped the rocks into the cages they hit those metal discs and played a melody of beats like a wind chime of sorts.

Can you see Isaac in his green shorts?

Isaac again running through the net loft.

Kids waiting in line to go up this climber.

Thomas was loving the freedom and just ran back and forth and every which way.

These were cool. Pull the pool balls and they banged into these pipes making music.

We went inside of MoPop to grab some caffeine at the café. It looked pretty cool inside and if we do ever return we'll definitely check this museum out. We just weren't in the right frame of mind to absorb a new museum (and pay for it when we weren't sure how long the kids would last)

Really cool structure though!

Next we had some strawberry shortcake under the space needle.

Kids being goofy with the pictures:

We walked back over to the Pacific Science Center. Since we had the Minnesota membership, entrance was free so we decided to go back and see what we missed. Also wanted to give Mary a chance to enjoy it since she was sick when we were there before.

We found a new area with fun activities. We built these little 3D statues.

Then checked out the butterfly garden.

Even got to see the tail end of an explosion show.

Went across the courtyard to a building we skipped, Isaac was really looking forward to it. The interactive dome.

It had a lot of techy exhibits. Isaac got to try these VR goggles (virtual reality)

There was a mirror maze game:

And a finger drawing screen:

We closed down the museum. It closed at 6. As we were leaving we realized we had lost Mary's water bottle. She said she had left it on the waterfront shuttle we took. :-( we knew it was totally gone but wasn't much of a surprise since she kept taking it out the bag.

We made our way back over to the shuttle area to take it back down to the water... we crossed in front of the space needle and I see Mary's water bottle sitting on the ledge near the valet parking area!!! I couldn't believe it! She must have left it there or dropped it and someone set it up on the ledge for us. Totally crazy we stumbled back up on it!

We took the shuttle til the last stop. The drive drove us all the way to pioneer square. It was getting late and we needed to find dinner.

We pulled up google maps and found a German restaurant near by. As long as kids were allowed we were good with whatever. It was a place called Altstadt and it was REALLY good! The kids ate the metzgerei teller pretty well (a sampler platter of meats) I got the spätzle for Mary thinking she'd love it cuz she loves buttered noodles but she wouldn't eat it. Kyle and I thought it was amazing! I had the grünkohlsalat (kale salad) which was amazing. Kyle had a käsespätzle. We also ordered the kids a brezel (pretzel) but it was tiny and they gobbled it up in no time. Probably should have got them two of those. Anyway it was good and different.

Then we walked towards Uwajimaya again. I wanted to pick up some more of those fun erasers for the kids, they enjoyed taking them apart and putting them together. And we picked up some snacks for the plane ride the next day. We had to cross by King Street Station and I got a great photo of the train station:

This time we walked around to the front of Uwajimaya

We called for an uber to get us home. Another late night, we were tired, and we were getting well adjusted to Pacific time... just in time to head back home. Zombie kids, lol.

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