Monday, June 17, 2019

Science Museum and Father's Day

Last Sunday before Kyle left for Amsterdam we made a trip over to the science museum in St. Paul. We wanted to buy a membership to use with us on our vacation coming up. 

It was fun to see a new thing. This was a tub of little beads that when you moved them the lights changed to show the elevation. So you could make lakes, rivers, mountains, islands. Was fun to play with. 

They still have the sports section which the kids love. They have  sprint area that they love running in and Isaac did this ball recording part a bazillion times.

A new exhibit that will be there all summer is one on inventions. There was a huge movie room that went through the top 101 inventions of all time. Pretty cool to sit in it with all the screens flashing around you.

Father's Day was the following Sunday. Kyle was getting over just being back from work travel. It was the last day of flag football so just me, the girls and Thomas went to church that morning so Kyle and Isaac wouldn't have to rush out and leave early. Too stressful. So they stayed home, ate lunch then went. Our church doesn't start until 10:45 so has made these 12:00 football start times challenging. Captured this sweet photo on the walk into church. 

Kyle was assistant coach. They are actually having photos done next week but we won't be there so I encouraged him to get one. A few kids weren't there and a few had already left, but at least there's something, haha. 7 year old boys aren't the best cooperators for a photo. 

We went straight home after church, had lunch and I got Thomas down for a nap before Kyle & Isaac made it home. Then I cleaned my bike (which I have a picture of in this post). Then we decided to head over to the Science Museum again cuz Kyle wanted to see the invention section better. We had to rush through it last time cuz the kids were done.

Well we realize on the drive over that they close at 5... and it was 4:30. Oh well we're members now so it's 'free', and it was Sunday so we just parked on the street which was also free. So it was okay we only had 30 minutes inside.

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