Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Last Day of Preschool & Field Day

The girls had their LAST day of preschool on May 23rd. We had to do the traditional photos for the side by side comparison. 

We arrived a little early for the last day so they got to play in the gym while we waited for their door to open for school to start. Once I said goodbye I rushed out to make it to Isaac's field day at his school.

Isaac's field day was suppose to be the day before but it got rained out. They postponed it to Thursday instead.

Isaac did the 50 yard dash and the softball toss. 

After Thomas and I watched his two events we headed home so I could get Thomas down for a nap. Then it wasn't long that Isaac got home off the bus and we waited for the girls to arrive. Their final ride on the little white bus, bitter sweet. They are going to love kindergarten next year!

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