Monday, June 17, 2019

First Week of Summer

This past week was our official first week of summer. The girls had been done with preschool for a couple weeks but Isaac's last day wasn't until June 7th. 

Kyle was gone all this week so it was solo parenting for me. I was happy to have camps lined up and activities to get to. Isaac did a SkyHawks camp all week. It was a camping learning soccer, basketball, and flag football skills. It ran from 9am to 4pm so ALL day. We had to pack a lunch and snacks everyday. He was super helpful in getting it ready the night before or day of. He'd get all the non fridge stuff together and then I'd make his PB&H. 

The girls had Pollywogs camp Monday-Thursday from 1-3:30. It's  nature camp at Westwood Nature Center. They loved getting to eat the new snacks I had picked up to make my life easier. I don't usually buy things like boxed juice or packaged pirate's booty so they were all super excited about the fun change. 

Turkey Crossing:

Tuesday we picked up the quarter cow we ordered from a local farmer (Stonebridge Beef) So now we have LOTS of grass fed beef to eat through! I guess you could say this was part of Kyle's father's day present. Wed been wanting to order some for a while just finally made the time to do it. I joked with him cuz we also got a new cooler for camping. I said I could have gotten all fancy and loaded the new camping cooler with the beef for his present... but no need to waste effort haha. I'm just happy it fit in our deep freeze!

Thomas is so funny. Ever since watching the girls at swimming he loves to float on his back in the tub. And kick his feet. Studies show that younger siblings tend to be better at sports and skills when just starting if they have watched their siblings. Their neurotransmitters form for the skill just by watching. We have definitely seen this with Thomas. His ability to throw a ball, climb a chair, peel an orange, and now randomly float in water.

Wednesday we tried out a new Mexican taco place in St Louis Park. It used to be Park Yogurt and we have had yogurt there before. It was pretty good. Girls enjoyed the cheese quesadillas and they even got police stickers from a table of officers that came in to eat while we were there. 

Mary being all cute before bed, she was proud of dressing in all pink.

Thomas loves balls and is pretty dang good for a one year old (okay almost two but I won't get to call him my one year old for much longer so I am now)

Thursday was the girls last day of pollywogs. The puppet show ran a little late, Thomas was excited to watch it.

Friday we got everyone around and out the door to get Isaac to camp at 9:00. Typical rat race of a morning. We came home and as I was approaching the front door to open it to go out and play I saw a DEER! Just STANDING in our front yard! It was SOOO cool! I grabbed my phone quickly and started taking photos of him, telling the girls.

Friday was a picture perfect day. Well not completely, mama was tired from a week of solo parenting, but ya know you document and remember the good :-) 

Girls were playing play-doh do good together outside, the breeze was in the air, the weather felt amazing. I even got to read a couple lines in my book, lol. 

For Isaac's final day of camp they had a little session for parents to come watch their skills for the last hour. So we arrived, by this time it was pretty warm, high sun in the sky. First Isaac did a soccer game. 

This is the same field he does his flag football on so the girls are familiar with the playground. They played on it during the soccer part. Emma found a caterpillar that she was just head over heels for. She loved it. 

Then we all moved over to another area to watch Isaac do his football. They learned flag football but it wasn't like his season of flag football where they had actual flags, jersey, mouthguard, and gloves. This was mainly catching, throwing, and learning skills. 

Finally was basketball. Emma still had the caterpillar. Thinking she lost it a few times, if you look in the photo below she was looking for it but it was on her shirt, LOL. 


In this photo she is saying "the caterpillar JUST did a FLIP!"

After the three sports they had a little award ceremony where each kid got a medal.

We took the caterpillar home, named him Cheetah, which was appropriate because he was ALWAYS moving and he was pretty fast.

Then after attempting to order chipotle to be delivered only to discover their app was down we just drove the half mile to get it our-self. Not as easy as ordering in, but this mama was TIRED from a long week and didn't want to cook.

Daddy came home on Saturday, I blogged a little bit about that in my earlier posts. 

Today we decided to let the caterpillars go. Oh yes I said 'S' forgot to mention. When I went to get some leaves for Cheetah to eat after reading that he likes to eat deciduous tree leaves, I brought in a handful from our maple and there was ANOTHER caterpillar on the leaf! It was a green one munching away and we named him Pistachio. He was a hungry caterpillar. In the few short days he ate through all the leaves and pooped a ton in our aquarium. 

So today we took the two outside to let go. Mary had a little melt down because she didn't want to part with the caterpillar. I don't think she paid any attention to it up until that point but she was also tired and took a nice long nap after the release.

Emma thought she lost Cheetah in the grass at first but we eventually found him and put him on the tree. Pistachio had already climbed half up the tree, probably trying to get to food.

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