Saturday, June 8, 2019

Girls 2 week Swim Camp

In lieu of doing a swim session this winter we decided to do a 2 week swim camp. We got in on the last one of the spring session and the girls made amazing progress! They started the day after Memorial day and went Tuesday-Friday for two weeks. They were so exhausted by the end. 


It was at 1:00 which is prime Thomas nap time. But since it was only thirty minutes he stuck it out and got a nap once we got home. He enjoyed watching them and he even starting back floating in the tub all on his own! Evidence shows that younger siblings have neurons that develop making them pick up on skills faster just from WATCHING their siblings perform tasks such as sports, throwing balls, and in this case swimming. So cool to witness!

Day 1 on my back, next day on my belly. Then we utilized the stroller the rest of the time because it was WARM in that swim room.

Week 2:

Emma graduated from the back floaty... Mary wasn't too happy about that and requested to have hers off as well. Good thing about twins I guess is it pushes one to excel faster than if the twin was there for comparison. Mary did great without it and figure it out.

There were three little girls in class, but the other gal missed the last two classes so it was just my girls. They had progress evaluations on Wednesday and both advanced to the next level for next time!

Had a little ribbon 'ceremony' after the last class.

Here's a video of their progression over the two weeks: 

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