Saturday, June 29, 2019

Seattle Vacay: Day 1 (Fish Market, Great Wheel, Pioneer Square, Klondike Museum)

Ah felt good to sleep. Wednesday morning we stayed around the house and my Aunt Betty drove down from her Island up north a ways to visit us and explore Seattle for the day with us. The kids had watched a movie that morning and surprisingly weren't up SUPER early since they were all late to bed. Mary and I walked to a gas station about a block down the road from the fried chicken place. They didn't really have much of anything but I was able to get a $5 gallon of milk and some jelly rolls and danishes for the kids. Kyle and I drank our shakes for breakfast and had some food left over from plane snacks. Plan was to hit a grocery store later that day.

Once Aunt Betty arrived we hopped an uber together and got dropped off at the Public Market Center - aka Seattle's Famous Fish Market. We were near a Starbucks which we thought might be the first but learned later that wasn't it. We went into a souvenir shop to get Emma a long sleeve shirt because it was pretty chilly there. We had left Minnesota where it was nice and warm and didn't pack but one day worth of cold weather clothes. Thankful we had a washer in our place because we basically wore the same thing all week.

It was about 10 am when we arrived and luckily being Wednesday morning it wasn't too crowded at all. It certainly wasn't what I was expecting. We walked through some various areas and made our way down, trying to get to the waterfront.

Found an elevator in a parking garage near some major construction that took us down to the waterfront. They are in the process of tearing out the old major highway so there was lots of rubble around.

Walk along the water and piers for a bit. Wanted to get food but things didn't open til 11 so had some time to kill.

The kids wanted to ride the great wheel but we wanted to eat first. Both opened at 11. We ate at the Fisherman's Restaurant there by the wheel.

After our bellies were full we got on the Great Wheel and saw some amazing sights of Puget Sound and downtown Seattle. Kids loved the ride.


Space Needle view and Seattle Aquarium. We had it on our list to go to the aquarium but decided it wasn't really worth the price, so we skipped it.

This gives a good view of the construction they were doing. See that major highway there, they are taking it all apart. I guess they are putting in a tunnel in it's place, I don't think the tunnel is open yet.

After the wheel ride we walked a little south then turned up into downtown and ventured through Pioneer Square and Occidental Square.

It was turning out to be a gorgeous day and the sun was coming out! We stopped in Occidental park to play a game of chess, while Kyle pushed Thomas around trying to get him to fall asleep with no luck.

Stopped for coffee and cookies in a little café, still no sleepy coming from Thomas.

Then we made it over to the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park, it was more a museum but fun to explore. They had a junior ranger program and Isaac worked on filling out an activity book then earned his Junior Ranger badge. Was even sworn in and signed his name in the book.  

It was fun to explore and learn all about the gold rush, the kids had fun too. Aunt Betty got to spend some fun time with the kids and get a great visit in with Emma sitting in one of the rooms. Emma said that was one of her favorite parts about the trip.

Figuring out what to do next and decided to take an uber back to the place then Betty would drive me to a grocery store.

We were all pretty tired. I was NOT feeling good. Had some major tummy issues going on that were getting worse by the minute. Wasn't feeling good the day prior either but was trying to distract myself and not let the illness get me down. Got back and Kyle got Thomas to nap and Betty and I ran to the nearby Co-Op then a larger grocery store to get some food, pepto-bismol, and a couple odds and ends we needed for the apartment.

This was the uber home from downtown, kids happy and excited to ride in a car without car seats.

Once home we relaxed, cooked dinner in and just hung out. It wasn't super convenient to go out to eat once home so we fixed some kabobs I picked up and gave the kids their left over lunch we had carried home. I was feeling better after a few doses of pepto.

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