Monday, September 25, 2017

Twins Day at Target Field 2017

This has become an annual tradition. This is our fourth year taking part in the twins day at Target Field with the Minnesota Twin's baseball team.
Last Year 2015 2014

The past two years we arrived early for the twins parade on the field. This year we wanted to take the light rail because the kids had really been wanting to ride it. They would see the light rail every time we'd go to my Midwife's house this past year.

We parked down by the Viking's stadium and paid about $5 for parking, then only $.50 for Kyle and I's ticket (5 and under ride free) for the light rail. They loved it. Mary was ecstatic

Thomas at home before we left, decked out in his Twin's gear :-)

We arrived and found our seats. Learning from year's prior, when I bought the tickets I requested to be higher up in the section so that we could sit in the shade. And boy we were happy to have these seats. Everyone was burning hot in the shade and we were super comfy in a shaded little row of 7 seats (having 5 out of the 7) Every time we got up as a family we came back to see people sitting in our spots. Luckily as the ticket holders we could give them the boot, muahahah. 

Family photo, there's always one that doesn't want to participate. But at least we got her IN the frame, haha.

 Better photo, but no Mary, she is behind Kyle in this one.

Thomas is so cute! First Twin's game at a ripe age of 10 weeks.

The kids were pretty antsy, as kids can be. So we bribed them with popcorn... which we made them wait to the bottom of the 2nd to get. HAHA it was like we were pulling their teeth out making them wait so long.

The twin mom club I'm a part of Multiple Connections, had a couple families meet up to be a part of the singing group for the 7th inning stretch. We were all pushing it to even make it that far, and funny enough we all left after we finished singing. I think this was the longest we'd made it at a twins game anyway, haha. Baseball games are just too long for this age group. But alas we made it, tantrums, skipped naps and all.

We had to wait a LOOOONNNNGGGG half inning standing there before the middle of the 7th. But among other melting down twin families we were right at home. That's what I love about twins day, it's just a shit show everywhere you turn and as twin families there's no judgment HAHAHA.

There we are singing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

It was a fun family day!


Sunday, September 10, 2017

First Day of School 2017

Isaac started Kindergarten this year! WooHoo! And the girls started preschool, double WooHoo! They were all so ready and excited and I was excited for them. Isaac had been getting pretty restless at home and was ready for routine and mental stimulation again. 

The Thursday before school started we met Isaac's teacher: Mrs. Bettes and attended the school wide ice cream social. 

On August 30th, Wednesday, it was his first day! We got the celebratory photo out front and then Kyle took him to school that morning. Besides the first day, he rides the bus each day and has to get on the bus at 7 a.m.! We're all adjusting to the new longer day.  


Isaac first day Kindergarten-1

Isaac first day Kindergarten-4 Isaac first day Kindergarten-3 Isaac first day Kindergarten-5

Isaac first day Kindergarten-8

Mary has been LOVING her bike, she wants to ride it ALL THE TIME! This was after morning photos about 7 in the morning.

Kyle took these at school on the first day:

I didn't get a photo of him getting off the bus the very first day, the bus was running later than scheduled and Emma ended up having to go back to the house to pee at the same time he got off so we were walking back to the bus stop (a half of a block away) as he was getting off. But I did get a photo the second day! He gets home just before 2:30. 

The girls had their first day of preschool on Friday, September 8th. They are going to the same preschool that Isaac went to last year, but they aren't taking the bus like Isaac did. Mary is pretty disappointed in this, but maybe next year she can take the bus. They are going two days a week, looking back I should have done more because they are ready but we have a Tuesday activity so the schedule wouldn't have worked out as well. They were both very excited to be going to school themselves. After we got Isaac on the bus at 7 am it was their turn to take their photos:

girls first day preschool-5 girls first day preschool-6

girls first day preschool-7 girls first day preschool-8

girls first day preschool-11

girls first day preschool-12

girls first day preschool-15

So excited they are running to the building. 

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