Thursday, September 7, 2017

Vikings Game

On Sunday, August 27th Kyle and Isaac got to go to the Vikings game. Kyle was given the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets because he coached his TBall team last spring. It was so fun for them to get to go together, this was Kyle's (and Isaac's) first time at the new US Bank Stadium. Isaac says it was loud. They didn't stay for the whole game and when they got home the girls were already in bed and Isaac ran into my room and was telling me all about it! It was pretty fun to see him so excited. 

He got to eat ice cream ("it was cold chocolate with marshmallows on top" Kyle said it was frozen hot chocolate) and a BBQ sandwich. The Vikings played the 49ers, when they left the vikes were losing but in the end they pulled out a win. 

They were seated 6 rows from the top of the stadium. This was the bottom of the top set of stairs they came down. Kyle said Isaac was pretty tired at this point. 

Isaac was excited to see the horn & drum.

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