Tuesday, August 10, 2021

4th of July

Saturday July 3rd we set off some of our own fireworks. A few day time ones and some nighttime ones. Some of the neighbor kids came over. Between four (out of nine) houses on just our block there are 15 kids - soon to be 16. 


Sunday morning there was our street's parade. This is an old time tradition for some reason, quite silly but the kids had fun. All the kids decorate their bikes and ride down the street from arch to arch behind a fire truck. Then we meet at the OTHER end of the street for a party. It was brunch themed potluck so I made a yogurt parfait. There wasn't an after party last year and no fire truck... so things are starting to come back post-covid. 

Parade starts in front of our house. 

The house at the other end of the arches, Kendra, had a pool and an amazing backyard. Kids had a blast swimming. 

Sunday evening we went to the Wind Surge stadium for Red, White, and BOOM. There wasn't a baseball game but they opened it up to watch fireworks. 

Mary trying out some pushups at the Marine's station.

They had inflatables and games. We got ice cream and waited for the sun to set. 

Then we found some seats to enjoy the show. It was fun to see BIG fireworks again. We used to go every year in Minneapolis but didn't see any last year. 


Monday, August 9, 2021

July 3rd - Wichita Art Museum

Went to the Wichita Art Museum for a free Saturday and to get a stamp in our passport. 

Kids contributed to the large family art project:

Fireflies, Chickens, and End of Baseball

Look at this super cute shirt Thomas made at this Thursday CDO class (Child's Day Out) age 3.9

Staying up late to catch fireflies:

Haven't posted much on the chickens lately, they are just hanging out and enjoy the yard. Pretty low key. They give us about an egg a day. 

Cinnamon and Sunset still don't let us near them. But had to capture Cinnamon's comb it's so funny how it hangs over her eye, she's a diva bird for sure. 

Trip to the library:

Isaac's final baseball game of the season, July 2nd make up game. I think he really enjoyed it, wasn't sure about playing in the beginning but fun to be a part of a team and wear a real full uniform. 

They had a little gathering a few weeks later where the coach gave them each a ball and they signed it for each other, super fun!


End of June

Finishing up June blog, here's a couple randoms

Thomas and Isaac came with me to get the oiled changed... girls were at summer school, finishing up the last week of it.  

Baking a cake at home

Last trip to the Botanica before our membership expired on June 30th. 



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