Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer T-Ball

I blogged about the first T-ball here and the second night of T-Ball here. Looks like I haven't blogged any other nights since then. Each night I think I took pictures with my phone. Let me see if I can recap on previous nights.

Third night of TBall was kinda wet, it wasn't raining but it had rained hard earlier in the day. The ground surprisingly was pretty dry but a few puddles here and there. We wore the girls that night to keep them from crawling in the damp grass.





We had a week off for the fourth. And then the next Monday it got cancelled due to rain and a make up night added to the end.

Here was the fourth night of TBall






The fifth night they did their first practice 'game'. I use the term game very loosely. They basically divided into two stations, a batting side and a fielding side. Each kid got to swing/bat a few times then on the last time they let them run the bases. Here's a video of Isaac's turn at bat:



Tonight was the final night of Tball. They did the mock game set up again although this time they had two full innings so each kiddo got to bat twice. I was alone so I kept the babies in the stroller. They were tired anyway, we ended up walking around on the nearby sidewalk.


Here they were stretching and warming up

Isaac up to bat the first time (video):


Here he is in the field, rather humerus (video):

Isaac up to bat the second time (video):

It was a fun season, Isaac really enjoyed it!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beach Bums

Last Sunday we woke up and planned to get around early because it was my day to volunteer at church in the nursery. I sat down to nurse the girls and looked at my email. Church was cancelled due to lack of electricity, there had been some strong storms in our area the Friday before and certain areas were still out of power. We were lucky and didn't lose power, but we have had experience and know it's no fun. (wow, how ironic.. I just went back to get the link for the old blog about losing power and that same day we saw the same friends... although Isaac and Izzy were two years younger. how fun to see them grow together)

That opened up our morning so we decided to meet up with some friends that we would have normally seen at church and check out Baker's Park beach.

When we arrived we were so impressed with the beach! We were the only ones there (it was just after or before ten o'clock) they had permanent cabana's so we didn't have to use our own umbrella for shade and the beach was freshly raked and smooth! The day before we had spent some time at Lake Harriet beach. We love that little beach and it's so close to our house (compared to this beach) but it was pretty rocky and just not as nice as this one.

We staked out a spot and got to playing.



Mary loved the water, once Kyle and Isaac got in we couldn't keep her away from it.

Emma loved the sand heehee



(love the random stranger kid photo bomb in this one, haha)

Here's Mary heading off to the water again

Babies in a beach water hole!


wonder what the babies are talking about? lol



This was a different hole and Emma was being so funny kicking her feet and reclining in the hole, just relaxin'.

here's the video:


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Water table play

Staying cool while playing in the heat
water table play-1

water table play-3

water table play-7

water table play-11

water table play-12

Emma wouldn't stop chewing on the little smiley face guy so I took him away... she wasn't too happy about that. 
water table play-14

water table play-15

So I gave it back
water table play-17

Isaac didn't want me to take his picture
water table play-18 water table play-19

Splash Pad

Last Thursday morning we went to the splash pad. We have been taking every opportunity to enjoy this summer, probably due to not really having much of a summer last year. It's crazy to think that we are nearing the end of July, but looking back I am not at all feeling like we haven't been fully enjoying out Minnesota summer.

I haven't been capturing every splash pad trip or beach visit. But this day I made sure to throw my waterproof camera in and get some pics of the kids splashin'. I discovered the week before when we were here that Mary LOVES it and would just wonder freely all over the splash pad. Luckily it's fenced in and zero depth. I will jump at the opportunity to enjoy an activity where I don't feel like I'm constantly wrangling kiddos.

Emma was a little clingy this morning and typically likes to stay close. I think she's working on some more teeth, imagine that.








IMG_3806 b&w





IMG_3817 crop

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