Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Penny Carnival

Last Friday we attended the St Louis Park penny carnival. It was so fun and also so hot!!! Isaac was really into the games and it was fun they were only a few pennies. 

Isaac even participated in the hokey pokey!! 

Mary cheered him on. 

We met up with our good friends and Isaac went on a hayride with them while I stayed back with the girls. He loved it. It was a beautiful day but getting awfully warm. 

Finishing our time off with the bounce house and obstacle course. 

Once back in the van with the A/C blasting I watched a covert entrapment operation take place while nursing the girls. This guy in the black polo kept walking back and forth in the pedestrian walkway while two cops pulled people over who didn't stop. In the time I sat there they got two people. And had come back to sitting on the sidewalk doing it again. Tricky sonofabitches. 

Later I saw on their Facebook page (yes I follow the police haha) they were doing a "crosswalk initiative". Seems kinda deceiving to me, this guy timing his walks while pretending to talk on his cell phone. When he was finished he hopped back into the cop car. 

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