Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Eve

Yesterday we made it out to a park to get some fresh air and burn off some energy. It wasn't the warmest day but it was pretty nice. Nice enough to be out to play! The kids loved running around and even let me try to take a group photo in the beginning.

Thankful for photoshop and the skill to piece photos together to get at least two good faces in one photo ;-) now if only I had more time to dink around with it, haha.

Easter Eve park play-10a

Easter Eve park play-7

Easter Eve park play-6

They are much easier to capture individual!
Easter Eve park play-30

Easter Eve park play-29

Easter Eve park play-27

Easter Eve park play-25

Easter Eve park play-23

Mary waving "buh bye" to the airplane
Easter Eve park play-21 Easter Eve park play-22

Easter Eve park play-19

Easter Eve park play-14

March 12th, 2016

I don't grab my nice camera much these days, mainly because the kids just want to mess with it and they don't really hold still much for me to capture them anyway. And it's hard to chase after children with a multi-thousand dollar device wrapped around your neck. I miss taking pictures and playing around with photography, but I know my time will come again some day.

We have been able to play outside here and there when the weather has been warm enough so I grabbed it while we were out. Natural light is always so much better anyway.

So these photos were from a few weeks ago, but not terribly long ago. Girls still 22 months old and Isaac is 4.

Running the cones practicing their soccer skills:
march 12 yard play-4

These kids love balls!!

march 12 yard play-5

march 12 yard play-6

march 12 yard play-8

Isaac is such a sweet big brother. He really wanted Mary to run the cones with him, she wasn't so interested but he tried to convince her.
march 12 yard play-9

march 12 yard play-11

march 12 yard play-14

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Egg Coloring

We colored Easter eggs yesterday. Isaac loved it, the girls did too but they were a bit harder to guide. Mary picked up her first egg and immediately slammed it on the table (mimicking me cracking eggs when I make breakfast in the morning). Then we had to be careful not to let them dump out the cup of dye. 

After we colored we added a few shrink wraps to some of the eggs. They loved that too. 

This is Mary saying "uh oh" after she whacked her egg....

Trying to get some selfie stick shots. I need more practice. 

We will probably have to make more eggs next year. Isaac could have done this for hours, but Kyle and I's patience wouldn't have lasted that long with the girls. He thinks it's only uphill from here :-) as far as Easter egg coloring goes. Here's our eggs: 

He did so good writing his name. But he didn't write an S because he said he can't. But he can it's just a little harder. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pool Party

Last weekend we attended Isaac's best buddy's fourth birthday party. It was fun for all! A pool party, pizza, and playing in a tree house. This is a local gym center that I hadn't been to in probably 3.5 years. Since Isaac was 1 year old probably. It was fun to see the girls exploring, both girls were slow to warm up to the water. Once Mary experienced it she was all about getting wet, Emma spent most of the swim time on the side and didn't care to get in, let alone go down the slide :-P

Here's a video of Isaac going down and Emma thinking about it:

Here's Mary going down:

She ended up going down many more times.




Mary was so funny walking through the sprinkler area. She kept walking through over and over and making this funny face!

Isaac is pretty comfortable in the water, running from here to there with his friends


Emma, still on the side of the pool, but at least she's happy


The pool was even shallow enough for Mary to touch

Here's Isaac practicing his swimming skills

He was even going under water, here he had just popped back up


Finally Emma got her toes wet

More slide time before heading downstairs for pizza





The girls ate their pizza really well... we can never tell with them but I think the swimming worked up an appetite. Mary just picked all the toppings off while Emma actually ate the whole pizza! Roles were reversed from what they typically do.

After pizza and cupcakes the kids got to explore the tree house (indoor play structure). Emma is smiling here although it looks like it could be the other way around

Mary was being quite the daredevil, went down this BIG slide a few times.

They all had a pretty fun time! We left as meltdowns began to occur and everybody went straight to bed once we got home :-)

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