Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter Egg Coloring

We colored Easter eggs yesterday. Isaac loved it, the girls did too but they were a bit harder to guide. Mary picked up her first egg and immediately slammed it on the table (mimicking me cracking eggs when I make breakfast in the morning). Then we had to be careful not to let them dump out the cup of dye. 

After we colored we added a few shrink wraps to some of the eggs. They loved that too. 

This is Mary saying "uh oh" after she whacked her egg....

Trying to get some selfie stick shots. I need more practice. 

We will probably have to make more eggs next year. Isaac could have done this for hours, but Kyle and I's patience wouldn't have lasted that long with the girls. He thinks it's only uphill from here :-) as far as Easter egg coloring goes. Here's our eggs: 

He did so good writing his name. But he didn't write an S because he said he can't. But he can it's just a little harder. 

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