Friday, March 11, 2016

Library visit

It's taken us four years to make it to Ridgedale Library but we finally did today. I was hoping to find a book that explained St Patty's day but of course they were all checked out. But we did get a healthy stack of books checked out while playing. The kids LOVED it! 

Isaac was pretty excited (he loves books) saying "we've never been here before!!!" He played so well while the girls ran from here to there. They did fairly well but started to get onery. After a little stroller time and strick talking to I let them loose again and they were better behaved. 

They have so many fun play areas in the kids library book. We spent the last half of our playtime in the kitchen. 

Mary loves cutting the food. We have this at home but I only bring it out when I can sit and do it with them. The girls tend to turn into beavers and I don't want the wood pieces getting all knawed to shreds. 

Emma liked looking out the window. It was a gorgeous day!! 

So gorgeous that we played out back after nap. 

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