Sunday, February 28, 2016

San Diego Vacation Day 9 & 10

Our last full day was spent taking it easy and soaking in as much beach time as possible. We went out in the morning and the kids had fun playing as usual. The low tide wasn't until a little after noon, but we were still able to find a lot of shells.



I love, love LOVE this!

It was fun watching all the surfers



Emma loved the little shells



Isaac's pants kept coming untied, it was quite humerus.

We went back up to the condo for lunch. We ate through all the left overs we had accumulated in the fridge trying to clear it out in preparation to leave. Then I got the girls down and went back out to check out the shore at low tide. We had already had quite the collection of shells but I was interested in knowing if I could find some unique ones at low tide. Didn't really see anything different, just lots of shells!



After nap we drove up to Coronado to meet Kyle. We met him at a park near the Coronado Bridge. It was starting to get cloudy and actually looked like it was going to rain, but luckily it didn't.

The kids of course loved playing on the playground.




After some park play we walked along the bay up to the Ferry Landing Marketplace for dinner. It was nice to let the kids wear out their legs, although we had to keep them close because the sidewalk was also a bike path. About halfway up we saw these two big pelicans flying around and nose diving into the water. It was pretty cool! We stopped and watched them nose dive probably a handful of times.

Kyle got a good video that is better than the pictures I took from my phone:


And an attempt at a family photo... impossible to get all five looking at the same time.


Thursday morning it was time to pack up and get the condo in order for check out. I started to put the pack n plays away but was able to capture the girls showing off their new skills.


Had to capture the kids watching Curious George in the condo, it was such a great place!

Off to load up the van which was parked in the basement garage.

We had to make one more stop as we left Imperial Beach! There was a Daisy Ave that we kept meaning to stop and get my photo with. This avenue ran all the way to the beach but we were able to just turn south and hit a random intersection for a photo :-P

We met up with Josh before going to return the rental van. He was taking the two pack n plays from us to return to the people we borrowed them from. It was so great to see him one last time and it was the first time I got to see him in his uniform!

We got the van dropped off and car seats unloaded. Phew what a haul we had to lug around.

We rode the shuttle to the terminal, got the car seats and our one back checked then in through security we went. Pretty smooth sailing. They did have to look through Isaac's bag due to liquid showing up on the xray camera. It was the two snowglobes we had got that were sitting together making it look like a bigger mass of liquid than allowed. Luckily they weren't confiscated from us. Once through security we found some lunch and watched the airplanes.


And since we arrived at the gate before boarding we were some of the first to board! Don't be fooled by the empty seats, it was a full flight again.

Kyle even got Mary to sleep the last 20 minutes or so before landing!


We made it back to Minneapolis and the kids and I waited with our luggage near baggage claim while Kyle took the shuttle to get the van. Luckily there is a little 'play area' however it's just little riding machines that the kids had to 'pretend' to ride since I didn't want to spend a fortune, haha. And of course we had to have one fall, Emma fell pretty good off the motorcycle but eventually shook it off and got back to playing.


Kyle pulled up and we QUICKLY installed the car seats. Luckily it was just Emma's and Isaac's that we had taken out because Isaac was in a booster in California for ease of transporting. Got Mary in her seat, popped the booster in and headed home. I re-installed Isaac's later, which was more of a hassle since it was to Mary's settings and had to be completely redone, glad I didn't attempt that while in the pull off for baggage claim.

The kids were so happy to be home, but we all had a wonderful trip and Isaac asked many days following "When are we going back to Imperial Beach?" "When are we going back to our San Diego apartment?" I love that sweet boy!

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Lesa Herrmann said...

Wow, what a wonderful trip. SO many great family memories made! Makes me want to take another family vacation!

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