Monday, October 19, 2020

August Botanica Visit & Harpo

Ooops I forgot to blog about the rest of August after our Colorado trip. Harpo had started to have some bladder leakage issues just before we left for Colorado. We had a house sitter and I had hoped he was doing better with frequent trips outside, but toward the end of her stay he was leaking again. His hip was bothering him which was causing him pain and not wanting to get up so he'd just sleep all day and just let his bladder go instead of getting up and around to get outside. We had a vet visit and they discovered he had a bladder infection. I'm writing this mid October and since then he finished the first round of antibiotics, they tested his urine again and it was even worse so he's just now finishing up a second round of antibiotics and we'll go back in. He got put on some galliprant which is an anti-inflammatory which really helped his hip. However after the first round of it, it gave him bloody stools. So we halved the dose, he's getting the benefit from the pain relief without the side effects. We will stay on that because when he doesn't get it you can tell that hip really bothers him. He was also given some incontinence pills but he wouldn't take them easily. Anyway here are some pictures from August of our dear beloved Harpo, who will be 14 a week from today. 

Chicken love to Else from Emma.

Bike ride, can't remember where we went, lol. 

The girls completed their summer workbooks and earned a coupon to the toy store. Emma picked out these nails, so they had fun with them. After one evening of them and learning the limitations that long nails bring they have not asked to put them back on, lol. 

Botanica visit at the end of August: 

And a pic of Anna, one of the roosters: 


September Photo Dump

 Well it's been a while since I've blogged. You'd think with the kids being back in school that I'd have more time, but I don't. Between working, yoga trainings, mom duty, dropping off and picking up kids there has been minimal time for anything. But lots of things happening in September.

Labor Day Weekend:

Friday, September 4th, soaking in the last few days of 'summer' before back to school. Thank the Lord after the LONGEST SUMMER BREAK EVER! It'd been a long six months and we were ready for a change of routine. Not sure how long it will last with COVID, but I'd even take just a week! Luckily here I am writing this the third week of October and so far all is good and school is still happening. However we did just get our first letter home "your child may have been exposed, you will hear from us again if you need to quarantine" oh great. 

Anyway back to Saturday the 4th, last hot day for a little bit anyway we met our neighbor friends at Tanganika Wildlife Park to check out their newly opened splash pad. fed the giraffe first. 

A water bucket dumped on Thomas's head right away so he had no interest in returning to the water. 

Sunday September 6th we finally made it to the YMCA's water park. We'd wanted to go all summer but ya know covid... and it wasn't something I wanted to do on my own. We were happy it wasn't too crowded and we had TONS of fun. A great way to wrap up summer. 

The wave pool was a favorite of everyones. 

Memorial Day, Monday, I picked up a cycle class. While I was gone teaching the hour class our house became the hangout place. Here are the kids having a lunch picnic in our front yard. We got new neighbors that have 6 kids from ages 1-12. Then there are our four, and then two houses down (the same neighbors we went to the splash pad with up above) have three kids ages 10, 4, and 3. So it's lots of fun and so happy my kids have some others to play with. 

Tuesday after Labor Day started SCHOOL! Finally!

The kids have to wear a mask all day and get their temperature taking before going into school. It seems like a pain but after a month of doing it it's pretty routine now. 

Thomas and I weren't sure to do with all the quite. He wanted to go for a bike ride so we went for a 5 mile loop to explore some trails. 

Thomas had his first day of preschool on that Wednesday, September 9th. They are doing curb side drop off as well to limit the number of people entering the building. He does great hopping out of the car himself and walking in with the teacher. They take the kids' temperatures before they get out of the car. He is just sitting in the seat ready to get out, we unbuckle while we're waiting in the drop off line. 

Isaac is doing SO GOOD playing piano, I am so impressed with how far he's come in only 15 months of playing. 

Saturday September 12th I attended an all day Yoga Fest, super fun. I got to do aerial yoga, paddle board yoga, as well as barre, pilates, mediation, and astanga yoga. 

Thursday September 17th, Thomas and I had a mother son date to the botanica, then went out for brunch. 

Isaac's been playing flag football with the YMCA rec sports on Saturdays. 

Starting to get chilly so we had a fire one night with s'mores. 

Still lots of love on the chickens. At this point we had six, easier to tell who was a rooster at this point. Turns out we had 3 hens and 4 roosters from that batch of eggs we hatched. This is Bernadette (a hen)

The kids got ice cream coupons from school, so we stopped to utilize them one night after Isaac had a football game. 

Orthodontist visit for Isaac, check up with X-rays. We'll go back in December when he'll get fitted for a spacer and braces. 

Oh the girls came with me to the Y one evening when I taught a yoga class, I subbed a Thursday night class here. After Labor Day I started teaching a Sunday afternoon yoga class of my own and picked up a few classes to sub here and there. I still had my cycle class on Friday mornings at 5:30am. But we are dropping that class after Halloween, which I am okay with. Would rather focus on teaching yoga.  

One evening going to dinner, the sunset was so amazing, just hard to capture in a photo! 

Harpo got a hair cut. His bladder is really leaking and as of a week or so ago he's in diapers during the day to help with leakage and clean up. It's not leaking super bad but dripping enough that it was hard to keep track of him and then clean up a mess. So having the diaper on him is easier for him to roam and sleep all day when he wants. His beard was a disaster so I chopped it all off. 

Mary was awarded a leader award at school. They had a virtual assembly. She was super proud! 

In addition to the class I'm teaching at the YMCA I also volunteered my time for a sunrise holy yoga class at a church. The view is pretty amazing. We made it three weeks before it got so cold we were forced inside last week. I think we will stop how that it's not warm enough to do it outside, it's just not the same inside. 

It did get warm again and we made it to the splash pad again. September 26th.

We heard a crow on a Thursday from the coop, but wasn't sure who it was. We knew we had three roosters at this point, but no body had crowed in view. It wasn't until the next Sunday that Olaf crowed during the day. I posted him in some of the chicken groups I'm in and a lady came to pick him up on Monday September 28th. 

Since we had some spare time and my BSF is virtual and not happening on Tuesday morning (I lead a BSF group on Tuesdays but we have our zoom call in the afternoon) I signed up Thomas and I for music class. The same class I did with Isaac 8 years ago, it's a national program, so it's fun to do it again. Thomas LOVES the music books. They had an option for outside, so far the weather has been good. One rainy day forced us inside, and it'll be interesting to see how tomorrow goes, temps in the fifties and rainy. 

There's only two kiddos in this class. And the other girl tends to run off and play on the playground so it's basically a private music class for Thomas, haha. 

September 30th: Girls coloring :-) 

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