Monday, October 19, 2020

August Botanica Visit & Harpo

Ooops I forgot to blog about the rest of August after our Colorado trip. Harpo had started to have some bladder leakage issues just before we left for Colorado. We had a house sitter and I had hoped he was doing better with frequent trips outside, but toward the end of her stay he was leaking again. His hip was bothering him which was causing him pain and not wanting to get up so he'd just sleep all day and just let his bladder go instead of getting up and around to get outside. We had a vet visit and they discovered he had a bladder infection. I'm writing this mid October and since then he finished the first round of antibiotics, they tested his urine again and it was even worse so he's just now finishing up a second round of antibiotics and we'll go back in. He got put on some galliprant which is an anti-inflammatory which really helped his hip. However after the first round of it, it gave him bloody stools. So we halved the dose, he's getting the benefit from the pain relief without the side effects. We will stay on that because when he doesn't get it you can tell that hip really bothers him. He was also given some incontinence pills but he wouldn't take them easily. Anyway here are some pictures from August of our dear beloved Harpo, who will be 14 a week from today. 

Chicken love to Else from Emma.

Bike ride, can't remember where we went, lol. 

The girls completed their summer workbooks and earned a coupon to the toy store. Emma picked out these nails, so they had fun with them. After one evening of them and learning the limitations that long nails bring they have not asked to put them back on, lol. 

Botanica visit at the end of August: 

And a pic of Anna, one of the roosters: 


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