Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finished painting kitchen

We got the kitchen all painted this past weekend. It feels good to be finished with a room... well partially, we need to do something with the cabinet hardware. We have some we can put on, but a few holes are bigger than the screws for the new hardware. This will be a rainy day project... or added to the list at least. What is it with home owning and 'projects' they will never end! But that's a joy of owning our own home :0) we LOVE it!
kitchen painted 2

kitchen painted

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our first raking

It was SUCH a beautiful day out today, which made raking the leaves a little less painful. We had raked once before a few weeks ago, but it was starting to get really bad so we got it all raked up today. I had bought leave bags the other day, one box only came with ten, which I thought might be enough. Well after filling the first two bags we knew we didn't have enough. Then after learning that Kyle's favorite part was putting the leaves in, I took over the role of holding the bag and found out that I am a pro-crusher.... so we were able to get all the leaves bagged up in 9 bags!!! If only we knew what we know now with the first three bags (they weren't crushed/packed as well). We ended up bagging up the front yard, side yard, and what was around the garage; the backyard we were able to get into our composter.

I took before and after photos, but you can tell from the neighbors yard the before so I just posted the after shots. Can you believe all those leaves?? It's not leave free (since they were falling down as we were raking) but it is much better. Oh yeah Kyle also cleaned out the gutters.
front yard leaves 2 before front yard leaves 2 after

front yard leaves before front yard leaves after

backyard leaves before backyard leaves after

Next step tomorrow.... putting plastic on the windows.
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