Wednesday, February 21, 2018

MN Zoo on President's Day

Alright, I lied. I'm going to get this posted as well right now since I'm at it. HAHA

Monday Kyle had off work and the kids off school again so we renewed our membership to the Minnesota Zoo. It was so fun seeing Isaac and the girls light up at all the animals. We sat and watched the sharks and fish for a good ten minutes (while I nursed Thomas). Great ages for the zoo. Wonder and amazement and attention spans are longer. 

Mary wanted to sit in the little cove circle at the aquarium.

These little worms were fun to watch. Reminded me of the puppet worm friend of Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street. :-)

Isaac was really looking forward to doing the Minnesota Trail at the Zoo, he really likes to do the stamp search activity they have there. Thomas loved being out and about as usual.

The wolves and coyotes were out and about. Bears were hibernating.

Then we did the tropics trail, apparently I didn't get many pictures at that point, lol. Fun day at the zoo!

Ice Skating & Castle

We had a fun long weekend. Kyle took off work on Friday and Isaac was out of school. We attended a fundraiser for the girls' preschool at Pump It Up, which is a big bouncy house place. They always love burning energy there. Saturday Isaac had his last skating lesson and advanced to the next class. We went to open skating shortly after his lesson. The girls had been begging to go out on the ice (classes don't start until 4 years old) so we bought them tickets for open skate too. Little did they know they weren't going to be able to just skate on out in beautiful form. They were both over tired and hungry which made for a not so fun experience mixed with broken hearts that ice skating isn't a natural talent but a learned skill. They did however say they would like to do lessons but not into open skating, haha. 

Kyle earned his dad of the year badge by going out on the ice with them all (only his second time ever). Thomas and I enjoyed watching from the sidelines, haha.

Look how cute and little these skates are!

Thomas LOVES eating! Tonight at dinner he was a bottomless pit! lol. This was from later Saturday I think.

Sunday we went to church then drove out to Stillwater to explore the Ice Castle. It was chilly, but not freezing. I think it was maybe 40 degrees. We had fun wandering around the castle and the kids enjoyed going down the slides.

I had fun pulling out my little fisheye lens for my camera phone. Fun to get a different angel.

Family photo! These are rare!

Monday we had a fun family day as well and returned to the Minnesota Zoo, I'll post that one another time. Off to bed I go! Night-night. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

January Photo Dump

Here are some photos from the past month. Baby Thomas and all his adorableness :-) and Mary enjoying a starbucks cake pop. 

We glued the clips on the girls little art project they made with Grandma Judy and here Emma has it clipped to her shirt:

Thomas sitting up nice and tall!

Thomas's first bath with the girls, they were VERY excited for this! haha.

And the girls playing with my old troll dolls.

The girls are taking gymnastics again, they love it!

Sneak peek at Isaac teaching Mary how to play a game before the crack of dawn. This is a typical morning.

This is a typical morning as well, Emma playing with Thomas while I get my workout in. And Mary snuggles, she sure loves her baby brother!

Isaac at skate lessons on Saturday:

And Thomas giving mama some love hugs. He's a mama's boy for sure and I love my baby snuggles!

Helping the time go by in the afternoon, riding off the crankys.

I braided the girls hair for gymnastics this day. First time getting Mary's hair in two braids, she was beaming! I'm getting better each time, practice makes perfect right?

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