Friday, February 9, 2018

January Photo Dump

Here are some photos from the past month. Baby Thomas and all his adorableness :-) and Mary enjoying a starbucks cake pop. 

We glued the clips on the girls little art project they made with Grandma Judy and here Emma has it clipped to her shirt:

Thomas sitting up nice and tall!

Thomas's first bath with the girls, they were VERY excited for this! haha.

And the girls playing with my old troll dolls.

The girls are taking gymnastics again, they love it!

Sneak peek at Isaac teaching Mary how to play a game before the crack of dawn. This is a typical morning.

This is a typical morning as well, Emma playing with Thomas while I get my workout in. And Mary snuggles, she sure loves her baby brother!

Isaac at skate lessons on Saturday:

And Thomas giving mama some love hugs. He's a mama's boy for sure and I love my baby snuggles!

Helping the time go by in the afternoon, riding off the crankys.

I braided the girls hair for gymnastics this day. First time getting Mary's hair in two braids, she was beaming! I'm getting better each time, practice makes perfect right?

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