Thursday, April 25, 2019

Easter Weekend & Sickness

Kyle got me lilies and roses for our anniversary (Ten YEARS holy cow!) The lilies are smelling amazing! And opening up so gorgeous. I got a potted plant of lilies at Costco the week before but they do not smell very strong.

Saturday morning we woke up and had pancakes, then got the girls to their weekly Saturday Art Class. While the girls were there Kyle, myself, and the boys had a fun couple hours just the four of us. Crazy how peaceful two kids can feel. We walked across the street and enjoyed a cup of coffee while watching the cars go by. It felt like vacation! Then we drove down to the hardware shop to get some screws so we could get the kids door knobs fixed. Drove down by the river and St. Anthony Falls, but it wasn't much of a fall since the river water was so high up. Then we came back to where the girls class was and went across the street to the park. 

After we played for a half hour or so it was time to get the girls. They did side walk chalk and made these wings in class:

Then we had lunch together next door before heading home. I had to work that evening so said my goodbyes and Kyle got Thomas down for nap while the kids enjoyed the gorgeous weather and played in the backyard. As I was walking out the door to leave I discover Emma in the bathroom throwing up. I get her cleaned up and the area sanitized, send her up to the bath and head out the door. Poor gal had no appetite the whole weekend. Not fun on Easter.

I worked then came home to find the 'Easter Bunny' we don't really do the whole bunny story but we do do baskets. I chatted with a co-worker who shared the fun idea of hiding the baskets so we started that tradition. It was fun watching them search for the baskets that morning.

They found Mary's first (well they found Thomas's but he was still in bed) hers was under the chair on the left.

Isaac was super excited about something... chocolate egg maybe. His was the last to find and it was in the cupboard there, doors open.

Emma's was behind the bathroom door. They had fun going through them. Such a joy to watch. Before coming downstairs they all had to grab their big bunnies that Grandma sent them a few years ago. Might need another big bunny for Thomas, ::wink wink grandma Judy::

We got Thomas up and everyone got dressed for church. Had some candy for breakfast.

Went to the 9:00 service at church and I went to get a photo of all the kids outside afterwards and a super nice gentleman offered to take our photo. I am so happy he did because it's rare to get a great photo of all of us :-)

And yes I look tired, I worked the night before and probably got a total of 4 or 5 hours of sleep.

We're used to going to church from 10:45 to noon, so when we were done before 10:30 our bodies thought it was already lunchtime. We thought we'd attempt to find a brunch somewhere and luckily Good Day Cafe had no wait for us! CRAZY MIRACLE! Tried to get a photo of the girls but they complained of the sun

So I tried again inside but they're a little blurry.

Brunch was great, I had a veggie omelet and after three weeks of eating vegan the egg tasted amazing! We got home and Kyle and I hid eggs in the front yard for an egg hunt. We gave each kid a color of egg so they would all get equal eggs and we could put Thomas's out in the open.

Ha yes the snow shovel is still out, lol. I had put it away but then we got the snow storm so it came back out. Hey it's Minnesota! We were super lucky to have gorgeous weather for Easter day! They are calling for snow/sleet THIS weekend! Last week of April!

We had an agenda to get to, lol. Me working the day before cut down on the weekend time but we wanted to get those memories in. So next up was egg coloring. Thomas was pretty well done.

He played a little basketball but we didn't want him to handle the eggs because he likes to throw balls and he kept thinking it was for throwing. While we waited for the dye pellets to dissolve I did take him up to bed and he instantly went to sleep.

Kids had lots of fun coloring their eggs. It was a fun day. Kyle grilled a beef thing out on the ceramic grill and then ran to World Street Kitchen for their delicious brussels sprouts. We had dinner and everyone was melting down so we did an early bath and bed. Emma didn't feel too good but didn't seem too sick either. She didn't eat much, but I didn't think too much of it. Well the next morning I had a piano technician come to check out our piano and she ended up getting diarrhea and pooped in her pants. She was really feeling bad and didn't eat much of the day.

I kept her home from school on Tuesday and we missed BSF that morning. 

Then Tuesday night in the night Mary got sick, and Thomas started vomiting Wednesday morning and continued ALL day! It was a long day. Mary didn't vomit any more than the two times in the night but she was miserable all day Wednesday just laying around the house. Poor things. I tried to keep Thomas outside as much as possible to limit messes. He would go in and out of being happy and feeling crummy. I think only one of the five vomits was actually outside though. 

Not too happy being outside... but then distracted with bubbles and playing with his sister. Poor Mary wanting to be with everyone but not wanting to move.

Kyle was able to come home early and work from home so I could run Emma to school but leave the ill two behind. He got Thomas to nap here in the entry way just as we left and he slept there until I got back. 

He started getting diarrhea in the afternoon so I had hopes that the puking was over (but it wasn't). 

Outside waiting for Emma to get home off the bus. He puked as they pulled up.

Thursday I hired a sitter to come so I could make it to my ENT and Audiology appointment follow ups. Thomas was still feeling crummy and lost it when I tried to leave so I just brought him with me. He stayed snuggled in and didn't say a peep the entire time. In this position during my hearing test as well as while I got my nose scoped thinking "what is going on with mama?" 

Mary is feeling better but we kept her home from school again. I had the bus come to pick up Emma since I needed to go to work and Kyle was home with them all. Mary had a meltdown having to miss out on riding the bus TO school. I'll try and get them on the pick up schedule for May.

Thomas feeling a little better. This was just before I had to head into work for the evening. No pukes or poops yet. But the diarrhea did start in the afternoon. He had a good long nap.

He loves drinking his shakes. He wants to steal the girls every-time they have one. Glad it made him feel better.

Still not feeling good Friday morning :-( 

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